Wednesday, 20 January 2010

1 book down! =)

Yeah... I finish reading "have a little faith". Nope, I'm not going to tell you what this book is about. Go read it yourself! =p

But, if I were to rate out of 5 stars, I will give this book a 4.5 stars!(my 5 star still belongs to Tuesday with Morrie) Highly recommended! Well, the thing about Mitch Albom is that he's a very descriptive author. You don't have to know any of the characters mention in the book and yet you are able to imagine how he/she looks like.

Can you imagine this "He walks like a giant. His hair is thick and dark. He wears a long robe, and when he speaks, his waving arms move the robe around like a sheet flipping in the wind."?

Yeah, that's how descriptive he can gets. Till the minor details. Ok, description aside, This book also gives you alot of room and space to think about life. Some of the things in life that we tend to forget and take for granted.

Ah, I just realised a similarity between Mitch Albom & Dan Brown. They are so descriptive in their work that it feels as thought you are watching a movie. Just that, Mitch movie is a touching biography while Dans' movie is an exciting thriller.

P/s: Have a little faith is a book that you should take your time to read so that you can do some reflections at the same time. =)


Joyce said...

jerry korkor! i read the book already (: it's really an awesome book! and it made me tear ): but it was very meaningful! (: thanks for blogging about it.. wouldn't have gotten it if i didn't read your blog (:

Jerry Toh said...

Hey Joyce!

Yeah. Glad tt u enjoyed reading it & my blog too! =)

Flubber said...

Mitch Albom is a wonderful writer.. Managed to finish AL his books?
Dan Brown is fantastic too.. I've got a full colour with pics Da Vinci's Code and Angels and Demons.. Is definitely a wonerful experience reading them! If you are interested, let Xiaoxin know, can pass them to you.. :)