Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hong Kong Day 3!

Day 3, First Stop: 黄大仙 Temple!

Next.. We went to Prada warehouse were Xx wanted to do her crazy shopping there... Luckily, the prices there were of no much difference with Singapore. Heng Ah! She never buy much. What a good ger.  Hee....

On the way to Prada warehouse, we couldn't resist the beauty of the sea.. And started camwhoring again.. Hee....
 We were trying to locate Singapore. Hee....It was cold!
If you though Singapore has high rise buildings... Wait till you visit Hong Kong.... =)
3rd stop of the day. We went to Stanley Market.. People go Stanley Market to shop. We go Stanley Market to take sunset photos! Hee....

It's nice to view the sun setting into the horizon just behind the hills. Especially with your love one. =)

I feel this photo looks like somewhere in Australia. Hee....

I love this photo! Hee.. Anyone want to engage Summer as your event photographer? Contact her @ 9796 4130! Mention my name and confirm guarantee you'll get a good price! =p
Teacher Jerry trying to act as though he's on Nat Geo Adventures with all the equipments and backpack. Hee...

No one took our photos for us. We simply had a camera, a tripod stand and all the skills of Xx.... =) Brilliant photos yeah! Cause we are love birds la.. That's why... =p

Another photo taken by Xx...

Disagreement, arguments were inevitable along the way during our trip. Yes, we did argue. We did show each other our ugly sides.  All these, simply make our relationship stronger.  We grew stronger and closer.

Most importantly, we learn how to apologise after 3 mins. =) The best line we used. "You want to let a stranger affect our holiday?"

I love this girl. Ooops. Hee....
Day 4 is going to be more exciting!

Hong Kong Day 2!

Last night we felt sore on our legs after all the long walk but still, we need to make a trip up to Shen Zhen where we meet up with our business partners..

@ the metro going to Shen Zhen.
We are lovers of roadside stalls. See something nice, we grab it up and just munch it. Haha... We didnt even have a proper meal! =p

 Another roadside stall, just right beside a busy road. Haha.. The whole plate of dumplings cost us less than $2. We couldn't finish it. Yet, we didn't want to waste the food. So, we got it package up. And gave it to an old lady who was begging by the road side.

Lao Jie. Where the action happens... Most people will visit Luo Wu. But we decided to adventure just abit further.. hee... =p
Xx was so shagged with all the walkings that she requested First Class seat on the way back to Hong Kong. Surely, I accommodate to her request. =) 2nd day only, I don't wanna tired her out... <3

Monday, 27 December 2010

Hong Kong Day 1

Finally, after 1hour of delay from JetStar Asia (no complaints for the kind of price we paid tot =) ),
We arrived back to Singapore @ 1am. Reached home @ 2am. And slept till 7am before I went for my 1st class @ 8am. Missed the kiddos so much....

And yes, finally have time to blog about our Hong Kong trip Day 1! Haha....

The view from the top while on our way to Hong Kong.

Instead of checking into our Hotel, we went for Shopping @ CityGate outlets! Haha.... In Hong Kong, it's just Shopping and eating! (买东西,吃东西) !!

After our "modest" shopping @ CityGate, we headed to Ngong Ping 360 where we took the crystal cable car to visit the Big Buddha!

Inside the Crystal cable car... Right below us we could see the sea!!

The Big Buddha from the cable car...

We'r so happy that we've reach Ngong Ping Village! Cause... It means...

More food!!! Yummy!!!

This tree is called the Bodhi Tree where Buddha sat under when he reached he's enlightenment.. It's said that wishes come true if you pray hard enough... =)

Monkey-ing around... I love to pose around.. =p

At the gate before reaching the Big Buddha. Look so taiwanese here! Hee....
At the foot of the Big Buddha before we ascend up using our legs! Climbing! Hee... And this shall marks the beginning of our 1st Big Walk...
The magnificsent Buddha. This is one of those spots where the soul and heart come to peace...
And yes, just before we leave... We went for a walk with Buddha to find out more about the religion. =)
We decided to try a different mode of transport back to Tung Chung. So, we decided to take Bus 23. And boy, it was freezing out there!!!!
After a quick check in to our hotel (Thanks Linda for introducing us the hotel!!!), we headed out to MongKok for the ever so famous n smelly Beancurd! YUmmy!!!!!!!!!! I love Smelly Beancurd! YUmmmy Yummy!!!!

If you think Smelly Beancurd can satisfy the taste buds of Teacher Jerry, you are so wrong! Hahaha... From Mong Kok, we walked all the way to Temple Street just so that I can try something exotic!!! Look @ the photos! Can u guess what's that animal behind me? Hee....
Nope, we are not supporters of shark fin soup...
Yeah! Snake Soup! Yummy Yummy!!! What's the taste of Snake? It taste like chicken.... Well, Snake soup is known to keep your blood warm during the cold weather... so why not? Hee......
And we concluded the day with a tour of Temple Street.... =)
  First day only. And we felt as tot we are on a boot camp. Traveling to so many places on Day 1. Hee... =p

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Our christmas eve was well spent in Hong kong. Ladies Market to be exact.

With the different group of caroling singing along the street, we went into Christmas day by having a nice hot pot @ Yoshinoya.

And how can I not buy Xx a rose that's "handmade" by a man who has no hands?

Video up soon!

Our Hong Kong trip this time round is a really sweet, romantic and great holiday. :) Photos and video up soon!! :)
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Hong Kong! Hong Kong!!!

In just a few hours time, Teacher Jerry will be on board the plane to Hong Kong with Teacher Summer for our 1st Overseas Trip together on a plane! Hee....

We will be boarding JetStar 3K691 to Hong Kong and 3K696 back to Singapore on 25Dec.

My plan is:
Reach Singapore on 26 Dec.
Head home for a quick sleep and start my 1st class @ 8am.
Hee.. That's how hardworking I am! Hee... =)

And Yes, I know lots of you will be missing Teacher Jerry. So, thankfully our "Hotel" have Wi fi. So feel free to email me your misses and thoughts. =p Er.. I mean, any questions and enquires please email me @

For new class and beginners schedules, you may contact Rae @ 9389 3858.

Xiaoxin and I are so super duper excited. Who cares if we are on a budget airline, who cares if we stay in a "Booth Lodge". So long, we are together. That's all it matters!! It's not about the place. It's about the companion...

错的人对的地方, 那是错误的..
对的人的地方, 那是正确的..

Ok! Got a flight to catch now. See you guys on 26 Dec!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! HO Ho Hoo....... =D

Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Treats

Excited about the reactions on the kids... Guess they will go "WOooo HOOO!" like Cruz Teng...

Hee... =)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Go Jeremiah

Jere completed his 750m @ the SC Marathon on 5th December! WOOOOooo HOOOoooo!! So proud to see him on the papers! That's my student!

Go Jere Go!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

No lessons from 20 Dec - 25 Dec

Dear all..

please kindly be reminded once again that there will be no lessons from 20th December 2010 - 25th December 2010 as Teacher Jerry will be travelling to Hong Kong.

You may still contact me thru email, bbm or whatsapp.

Else, you may contact Rae @ 9389 3858. =)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Keep moving forward

December is always the worst month of the year for us.

Factor in the school holidays, rain, cold water, overseas trip and sometimes, we don't even get to see the kiddos for 1 entire month.

Sometimes, negativity comes in during this cold month. But as a leader, a teacher, a coach. I can't let these affect me.

Not even a teeny weeny bit. Because, once I'm affected by negativity, my kiddos will be affected...  I don't want to see my kids being affected by negativity. I will do all I can to see them being all cheerful and lively always.... Because, watching these kiddos enjoy their lessons during my class is a privilege.

New rates in 2011

Dear all,

Starting from 1st January 2011, there will be a slight adjustment to our swimming fees. The new rates can be found over here.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SwimSafer Test!

The first pioneer batch of SwimSafer kiddos went for their Stage 1 test the other day...

Comments from both parents and kids was... The kids had fun during the test! (Where on earth do you find kids taking test fun and not stress?! Hee...)

And that the whole test procedure, including the testers were Super duper professional! =)

As always, our family photo.... =)

Tester Mr Lam giving the kiddos 1 last briefing before their test starts..... Feel their anticipation and excitement.....

First up! Slide in entry!

The water was freezing! Haha... Classic!

But excitement always surpass the cold of water..... SMILE!

Front floatation.... Look @ how streamline their body is! These are my students!! *Proud*

Up next: Back floatation....

Teacher Jerry: "Claudia! People go liao, you still waiting for what?"
Claudia: "Take photo first lah!   =p "

Getting all dress up for their next event, Life Jacket!
Sweet! Vivian helping her sister to put on her shorts... *Sweet* *Sweet* *Sweet*

Nicohlas must be thinking "Later I'm going to float on my back holding my life jacket tight. Just like what Teacher Jerry taught me."

All focused.....

Go Go Go!!!

Aei... Teacher Jerry... Must float for how long ah?

Teacher Jerry: "Float until you see a helicopter or an aeroplane.. Then you wave for help! Hee... No lah, 30Seconds! 30 Seconds!!"

Congratulations to all the kiddos who have pass your SwimSafer Test!!! You all did so well!! WOOOoooo HOOOoooo!! =)

Also, can't forget to thank all the parents who took the time out to witness together with Teacher Jerry how well your children have done. I truly believe, your presence did make a difference to them.  =)

*Clap Clap* Well Done Kids! So proud of you all!