Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rae POP!

Yeah! My brother P.O.P liao! Attended his Passing Out Parade (P.O.P) in Tekong on Wednesday... But it seems that the most excited person is not him... It's our dad- The most excited man for that day!

Look @ the few videos below.. My dad watches too much taiwanese variety show liao that he got addicted to being a host.... Hee... Now, let your host Mr Toh bring u thru the whole parade.. Hee...

On our way to the ferry terminal....

Before boarding the ferry...

When we reach Tekong..

Dad trying to act busy.. Haha..

And here comes Rae... (Video alittle shaky and long)

Getting ready for the march past....(Video still alittle shaky)

A clearer view of Rae... He has transformed. From a boy to man liao.. =)

And the traditional "putting on jockey" ceremony...And the men POP liao loh!!! It's a tradition to throw ur jockey cap as high as u can.. Hee...

And the parade comes to an end...(Dad is still giving his comments.. Hee)

And we celebrated!!

The 2 handsome men but Boy @ heart. I simply love this brother of mine! =)

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