Sunday, 20 December 2009

My books arrived! =)

Few weeks back, I shared that I was getting books from The Book Depository. And yup! They arrived safely!! Yeah~!

Double Goal Coach is a book not found in Singapore. And a quick check with Kinokuniya and Borders, they quoted me $30++ for this book and shipping time takes 4-6weeks.

But I paid only US$29.89(SGD $42.28) for both Double Goal Coach and Have a little faith. Which means I had save more than $20 + less waiting time! =)

$20 might not mean alot to some people. But, remember. A dollar save is a dollar earned.

The books from Book Depository came within 2 weeks. Yeah!! =) What else can you ask for? Money save, Time save + Free shipping delivery! I'm so impressed with my 1st purchase! hee..

Now, I'm a happy boy with my 2 books.. Hee... Question is.... which book should I start 1st.. Hmmm...
P/s: I repeated Santa Claus Story for 3 whole days! The kids simply go wild when they hear the story.. Hee... I love to see their expression! Priceless.


Xiaoxin ... said...

ah! u bought the mitch albom book! im gona get it too! :) happy reading!

Jerry Toh said...

Yeah.. I love his books! Very inspiring... No no.. Dun get his book.. It's so addictive! Hee... I'm love the way he writes and describe... Very imaginative! =)

Xiaoxin ... said...

why dun get his book? haah

Jerry Toh said...

too addictive liaoz... i'm so hooked on to his book... hee.. carrying it everywhere i go.