Friday, 4 December 2009

Good stuff to share

On monday, I ordered 2 books - (The Double Goal Coach by Jim Thompson & Have a little faith by Mitch Albom) online from The Book Depository. Well, it's my 1st time ordering books online. Hee.. Am I sooooooo excited! =)

If these 2 books arrive safely to my doorstep, then I must have gotten myself a good catch!

Current, The Book Depository has a 10% discount off your total orders. So, I thought I might as well share with the bookworms out there.

Follow this link to be entitled for the 10% discount. On your check out basket, enter the promo code "HAPPY99X" and you will recieved 10% off! your total purchase with free delivery! I paid USD$29.89 for my 2 books with free world wide delivery! Hee.. That's a good bargain to me. Oh, this promo ends on 11 Dec 2009.

Well, how long it will takes for these 2 books to travel from UK to Singapore is a question mark to me. But, should they arrive, I will be a happy boy! Hee... =) Looking forward...

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