Monday, 7 December 2009

The english version (A wall of text) =0

Okie as promised.. Here it is - The English version from The post that was blogged in Chinese.. =p

I like to watch Taiwanese drama. Hmmm, nope, I should say, I'm in love with Taiwanese drama! Hee.. To some people, Taiwanese drama might seem exaggerating and full of soapy stuff. But to me, I think most Taiwanese drama are very romantic and thoughtful.

Of course, some parts are super duper exaggerating like the actor staying in a house that looks more like a castle then a house. And they all get to travel around in fanciful cars like Ferrari, Porsche or BMW. And they are mostly super duper rich in these shows where money is not of a concern to them. Well, These are the exaggerating part.

But many a times, it's their scripts that make me tear unknowingly. Perhaps, cancerian are alittle more sensitive but, sometimes, their conversation simply just touches your heart. I guess, only those who watches such drama will understand what I'm saying. Hee...

I think the producer and director are simply very good at capturing "that moment". Be it the expression of the eyes or that simple gesture (that usually gets repeated 3 times in repeat mode). Sometimes I wonder if they have gone thru such experiences before. If not, how could they know how to capture such heart wrenching moments?

Dun you feel that every time the actor and actress did something sweet and romantic, or have to break up because of reasons they cant say it out, time seems to come to a stand still for them? And a romantic touching love songs starts to play at the background... AH.....

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself as the main lead. Hee... Abit impossible but.. at least I dare to dream! Hee... I mean, who doesn't wish himself/herself to be in a romantic sweet relationship? I also want! Hee... But, no matter how hard I try in this area, It always end up as a failure. Well,

Maybe, the problem lies with me.
Maybe, I'm not romantic or sweet enough.
Maybe, I do not know how to smooth talk.
Or maybe, Destiny has yet to arrive for me.

After meeting so many difficulties and failure on the road of relationship, sometimes you really feel like giving it all up. I can totally understand why singles like to say "It's better to be single." to their friends. Sometimes, you just feel like giving up and stop searching for "HER". But, I still believe, my destiny has yet to arrive. So, I will keep on searching for her.

Who knows, my princess might just be around the corner when I next make a turn? Hee..

And when I found her, I will say this to her. "Where have you been all this while? Sorry, I took such a long time to find you."

Think about it, I take such a long time and so much efforts to find "Her", it might be a good thing after all! Hee... Because, the harder it takes, the more I will treasure "Her". Alot of people (including my parents!) have been asking me to go to dating agencies. But I'm still quite hesitant about that...

Cause when you go to such agencies, the 1st thing they ask you is your "criteria". I dun like that. I dun like it when you set a target for your the other half. Today, he/she might meet your "criteria" but what if 1 day, he/she no longer meet your "criteria"? I might sound abit old here but I still believe in chemistry. The kind where, fire works will be created and sparks everywhere.. Hee...

Funny thing is, alot of friends @ my age are afraid of getting tied down but I'm so looking forward to marriage! Hee... I dream of setting up a family with my love one and hold my children's hand. (it must be my job. Seeing all the cute little ones everyday and they way they talked to you.. =p)

Well, like they say, it's never easy to find true love. And when I found my true love, I will make sure I protect her with all my life.

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