Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A day spend @ KK Hospital

Ever since Rae POP, it seems that there are so much events happening that I can hardly breath. Hee.... I have so much backlogs that I must clear.. But the most important event is finally over yesterday!

Congratulations Children for passing your endurance test yesterday! You kids made it and I'm so proud of you all! I shall blog about this in a few days time. (got to clear all my backlogs 1st.. Hee...)On Wed, Rae POP. On Thurs, both of us attended "Understanding Asthma & Common Allergic Conditions in Children Workshop" over @ KK Hospital.
Our lecture notes for the day.. Lots of graphs and statisticsAsthma is a common medical disorder and 1 in every 5 school children has Asthma. Usually childhood asthma, children will grow out of it. Which is good news! =)
We touched on the importance of exercise & the doctor used "2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for American." And here are the evidence.

Exercise: - Improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
-Improved bone health
-Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers
-Favorable body composition
-Reduced symptoms of depression
Doctor also say, Children hardly exercise nowadays.(Children, u read that. You all better stop playing with facebook and maple story and swim more! Hee...) Therefore, as coaches, our training time spent with them is very valuable. These are the only time they get to exercise.
One coach asked the doctor what kind of physical activity would he recommend to a child with asthma. His answer was that it varies for different individuals and the intensity of the sport etc. However, swimming seems to be the more popular choices.
In 1996, the U.S Olympic Team, nearly 17% of the athletes had asthma and 30% of them won medals. Therefore,it is generally safe and important for children with asthma to exercise. Of course, awareness about exercise induced asthma and its management allows children with asthma to exercise safely.
Children with asthma should always bring their inhaler along with them. We got introduced into how to use the inhaler and a spacer. Of course, the inhaler we use is a placebo.Normally you use the inhaler in this manner. But, some children find it hard to hold their breath for 10sec. Hence, the effect is not there.Introducing... The spacer!When the spacer is used in between the mouth and the inhaler, children with asthma find it easier to inhale. Which is rather good.

One such spacer cost around $30. But KK hospital is willing to give these spacer to us for free! Yup. Free! So, anyone who wants a spacer for your child with asthma, pls let me know thru email @ Jerrycoaching@yahoo.com or contact me direct @ 9100 1855.

I will consolidate the amount we need and request from the hospital.

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