Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dear Santa...


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope the global warming around the world is not melting your ice away in North Pole or Finland, wherever you are currently now with your team of reindeers.


As part of saving Gaia, I dun intend to use paper to write to you this year(anyway, I think you must have millions of letters to read and probably miss mine.) So, I think it's easier, faster and more efficient to write a post on my blog since I know you would have by now place my blog under your "Favorites". So, most probably you will be reading this soon! Yeah~!

It's less than 10 days to Christmas and I believe this year I must have enter your "Good Children List". Which means, I'll get a present from you right?! Hee...

I have been a really good boy this year.. I shared, I cared, I loved, I taught and I gave.

Good enough to enter your "Good Children List" already right? Hee.. But if you are really going to give me a present, may I request you to forgo my big big present and transform them into smaller presents so that all my children will get a present each?

These kids deserve a present from you this Christmas more than I do. Here are the reasons why they deserve a present from you....


I have witnessed so many of them work hard this year.
I have witnessed so many of them swam beyond expectations.
I have witnessed so many of them behaving themselves much better as compared to last year.
I have witnessed the determination in these children.
I have witnessed how far some of these children travelled. Some stayed in Ubi, Jurong, Tampines, Upper cross st and yet, they dun mind travelling all the way to Yio Chu Kang or Seng Kang just to learn swimming from me.
I have witnessed a boy name Jere who wants to stand, run and jump but unable to do it. He's only able to swim. And he's such a motivational to me and others.
I have witnessed these children throwing temper or shout @ me on bad days but @ the end of the day, they apologise to me saying "Teacher Jerry. I'm sorry."
I have witnessed how they bring themselves into competition and tell me. "Win or lose doesn't matter." And when they win, they gave me those credits. When they didnt win, they apologise to me. Santa, what's more important is their participation right?
I have also witnessed how tan we've become because the ozone layer has a hole and the sun ray is making us look so much darker.
I have also witnessed how they swam in the freezing cold water and the rain @ times yet, no complaints. No complaints from these kids @ all.

I am so proud of these children Santa. Of course, there are some naughty ones in my class. But, they all have a good heart Santa. Thought playful and naughty at times but they do listen to me. And I know they just want to have that bit more of my attention on them. =)


Santa, I have learnt and grew alot this year together with my children. They taught me so much about Pet Society, Maple Story, Ben 10, Bakugan, Super YoYo, Tricky Tv, OKTO, Farmville, Mousehunt and Cafe world. So much till I dunnoe which one to start with. Hee...

I might not be the best coach around. But these children that I have, they are surely the best students any coach can ask for. So, Santa, when you make your present delivery trip with your reindeers team to Singapore, dun forget to stop by my place k?

Oh! My place does not have a fire chimney for you to climb down. So maybe you might want to consider VPOST services or Fedex? They live to deliver. =)

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