Tuesday, 29 December 2009

An Amazing Christmas

Yes.. I know this post is way overdue. But Teacher Jerry is super duper busy that 2009 will slowly creeps off and before I knew it, 2010 will come! That's fast! I haven't even have time to do my resolution reflection!

1st and foremost, Thank you dearest children and parents for your lovely and wonderful Christmas presents. For the record, this year I received the most number of Christmas presents in my 25years! You all gave me a big shock! Look at all the presents you all gave to me! Thank you!

From Daryl who almost tripped the steps cause he was so excited in passing me the present that he forgotten about the steps to Nicholas who ran all the way home just to bring my present(Yes, he ran all the way home!) & leading to an "argument" between me n Michele over the Christmas present(she wanted to give me a super duper exp present -Nokia N97!)

I'm very touched and I accept all the presents with appreciation(exp for Michele of coz.. =p)So, once again Thank you all for your lovely presents. I already know how much you all love your Teacher Jerry already! Hee... =)

But starting next year, I am going to limit the presents you all can give to Teacher Jerry liao...

Not that I dun like the presents(I love the presents! who dun love presents) but I seriously dun think I deserve to be showered with all these expensive presents..

So, starting next year, Pls save the present money k? Instead, Write me a card. Or draw me a card. That will do! I already know how much you all love and appreciate Teacher Jerry. It's already registered in my heart. =)

I'm so touched by each and everyone of you lah! You all are simply too sweet and nice! Thank You!
Ok, next is the topic that most ppl are waiting for. The Speed Date.
When I reached the venue, I hesitated for a moment and asked "why am I here?!" and strangely, sms from you guys came in... I received "Good Luck Jerry!", "Jiayou Jiayou" etc..
Hee.. So, once again, Thank u! That gave me e courage and I went for the date.
It all began quite well with the ladies sitting @ the table and the guys will rotate to the next table very 10-15mins or so.
For the 1st 4 tables, it was still fun. Yes. Fun. But soon, it began really monotonous. You just feel like you are being interviewed with the same questions over and over again. "Whats your occupation?" "Whats your hobbies?" "How old are you" "Are you over 30?" etc etc
Nevertheless, it was a good experience as most of the ladies there were teachers too. Dun ask me why so many teachers. I also dunnoe. =p
So yeah, my social circle has expended by that teeny weeny bit. =) But for the near future, I doubt I'll be attending such events again..


zhengyin said...

Hi Jerry!

Events dun always end up like tat, it really depends on e kind of events u choose to join. Speed dating is more focused as it allows u to know more pple within a short period of time. But u can also join activity based events or even workshop events so that not only can you get to meet pple in a more natural setting, you can also learn something new!

Dun need to be too stressed. Just treat it like a old friend's gathering. Maybe next time you can always get a fren to go with u so that it's easier to start topics too.

Dun be discouraged! Jiayou!

Jerry Toh said...

Hi Zhengyin!

I'm not discouraged. I'm still actively searching! Hee..

But I just dun think I wan to attend such events in the near future. No time anyway.. =)

Or perhaps,events from tat dating agency? hee.. =)