Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Reflections

Baby Charcoal

Took Baby Charcoal out for a ride this evening. It's been a long time since I last rode him. =x As we rode, I reflected on Year 2009.
My resolution for this year was "I'm going to be the 1st Smile giver to anyone, be it a friend or a stranger." I think I had fulfilled that resolution! =) Hee....
To me, 2009 was a year full of laughter & smiles. Especially with the kids!
And talking about my kids. They really taught me a lot! I met alot of impressive & amazing kids this year. Every one of you have taught Teacher Jerry something! I Thank you all for the things I have learnt from you! =)
And Parents. Sometimes I just smiled to myself when I think of you all. This year, I have met so many wonderful parents (pls dun think I'm crapping or curry favouring). When I say wonderful, I really meant wonderful!
Like I said earlier, without your help @ Our Children Day party, it won't be a success. Also, Thank you for all the lovely Teachers' Day & Christmas Day Presents. In 2010, just draw me a card will do alright! =)
I think, most of our relationship is no longer Parent- Teacher r/s. For some, it's like Friend-Friend r/s with the constant MSN, Facebook, SMS chats. Hee... And there are some, we are like Big Sister/ Big Brother - Younger Brother R/s.
I thank you for all the lovely memories and encouragement in 2009! =)

The top picture smile was taken on 30 Dec 2008,the lower one was taken on 31 Dec 2009. Please tell me I look more cheerful & younger! Hee..
2009 was spent pretty much in the pool & due to poor self organisation, I didnt took part in any races. So, in 2010. I'm going to make doubly sure that I will take part in @ least 1 race! =)
Here's my resolution for 2010. I'm going make 2010 into a Year Of Discovery. Yes. Discovery. I'm going make myself go into discovery mode. =)
For swimming wise, Be it discover new talents/kids in swimming or to discover new ways to teach the kids.(Although now Teacher Jerry alot of patterns liaoz.. Hee) But still, I want to discover more drills, more ways to coach the kids. That's going to make lessons more interesting! =)
For personal development wise, I plan to make new discovery about the world. An overseas trip might be a good excuse. That is, if I can squeeze out the time. =p
For Investment wise, I'm going to discover new blue chips on the stock market.
And last but not least,
For training wise, I'm going to discover new routes, new races & new limits.
Well, basically, I'm just going to behave like my 5 year old kids... Keep asking Why? Why? Why? And from those Whys, I'm going to discover new grounds & new styles & new limits. =)
For now, I think I'm better off to watch Discovery Channel. Hee... =p

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keith said...

omg u look like some clown in the newer picture the old one look better