Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Reflections

Baby Charcoal

Took Baby Charcoal out for a ride this evening. It's been a long time since I last rode him. =x As we rode, I reflected on Year 2009.
My resolution for this year was "I'm going to be the 1st Smile giver to anyone, be it a friend or a stranger." I think I had fulfilled that resolution! =) Hee....
To me, 2009 was a year full of laughter & smiles. Especially with the kids!
And talking about my kids. They really taught me a lot! I met alot of impressive & amazing kids this year. Every one of you have taught Teacher Jerry something! I Thank you all for the things I have learnt from you! =)
And Parents. Sometimes I just smiled to myself when I think of you all. This year, I have met so many wonderful parents (pls dun think I'm crapping or curry favouring). When I say wonderful, I really meant wonderful!
Like I said earlier, without your help @ Our Children Day party, it won't be a success. Also, Thank you for all the lovely Teachers' Day & Christmas Day Presents. In 2010, just draw me a card will do alright! =)
I think, most of our relationship is no longer Parent- Teacher r/s. For some, it's like Friend-Friend r/s with the constant MSN, Facebook, SMS chats. Hee... And there are some, we are like Big Sister/ Big Brother - Younger Brother R/s.
I thank you for all the lovely memories and encouragement in 2009! =)

The top picture smile was taken on 30 Dec 2008,the lower one was taken on 31 Dec 2009. Please tell me I look more cheerful & younger! Hee..
2009 was spent pretty much in the pool & due to poor self organisation, I didnt took part in any races. So, in 2010. I'm going to make doubly sure that I will take part in @ least 1 race! =)
Here's my resolution for 2010. I'm going make 2010 into a Year Of Discovery. Yes. Discovery. I'm going make myself go into discovery mode. =)
For swimming wise, Be it discover new talents/kids in swimming or to discover new ways to teach the kids.(Although now Teacher Jerry alot of patterns liaoz.. Hee) But still, I want to discover more drills, more ways to coach the kids. That's going to make lessons more interesting! =)
For personal development wise, I plan to make new discovery about the world. An overseas trip might be a good excuse. That is, if I can squeeze out the time. =p
For Investment wise, I'm going to discover new blue chips on the stock market.
And last but not least,
For training wise, I'm going to discover new routes, new races & new limits.
Well, basically, I'm just going to behave like my 5 year old kids... Keep asking Why? Why? Why? And from those Whys, I'm going to discover new grounds & new styles & new limits. =)
For now, I think I'm better off to watch Discovery Channel. Hee... =p

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

January 2010

Dear all,
Kindly be reminded that there will be no Swimming lesson on 31st Dec 2009 (Thursday) as its the 5th week.
There will also be no Swimming lessons on 1st Jan 2010 (Friday) as its the NEW YEAR! Lessons will be make up on 29 Jan 2010(Friday).
Also, in Jan 2010, For those on the Saturday & Sunday classes, we will swim thru out the whole month, including the 5th week. This is to make up for the Chinese New Year in February.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!
P/s: Have you come out with ur new year resolutions? =)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

An Amazing Christmas

Yes.. I know this post is way overdue. But Teacher Jerry is super duper busy that 2009 will slowly creeps off and before I knew it, 2010 will come! That's fast! I haven't even have time to do my resolution reflection!

1st and foremost, Thank you dearest children and parents for your lovely and wonderful Christmas presents. For the record, this year I received the most number of Christmas presents in my 25years! You all gave me a big shock! Look at all the presents you all gave to me! Thank you!

From Daryl who almost tripped the steps cause he was so excited in passing me the present that he forgotten about the steps to Nicholas who ran all the way home just to bring my present(Yes, he ran all the way home!) & leading to an "argument" between me n Michele over the Christmas present(she wanted to give me a super duper exp present -Nokia N97!)

I'm very touched and I accept all the presents with appreciation(exp for Michele of coz.. =p)So, once again Thank you all for your lovely presents. I already know how much you all love your Teacher Jerry already! Hee... =)

But starting next year, I am going to limit the presents you all can give to Teacher Jerry liao...

Not that I dun like the presents(I love the presents! who dun love presents) but I seriously dun think I deserve to be showered with all these expensive presents..

So, starting next year, Pls save the present money k? Instead, Write me a card. Or draw me a card. That will do! I already know how much you all love and appreciate Teacher Jerry. It's already registered in my heart. =)

I'm so touched by each and everyone of you lah! You all are simply too sweet and nice! Thank You!
Ok, next is the topic that most ppl are waiting for. The Speed Date.
When I reached the venue, I hesitated for a moment and asked "why am I here?!" and strangely, sms from you guys came in... I received "Good Luck Jerry!", "Jiayou Jiayou" etc..
Hee.. So, once again, Thank u! That gave me e courage and I went for the date.
It all began quite well with the ladies sitting @ the table and the guys will rotate to the next table very 10-15mins or so.
For the 1st 4 tables, it was still fun. Yes. Fun. But soon, it began really monotonous. You just feel like you are being interviewed with the same questions over and over again. "Whats your occupation?" "Whats your hobbies?" "How old are you" "Are you over 30?" etc etc
Nevertheless, it was a good experience as most of the ladies there were teachers too. Dun ask me why so many teachers. I also dunnoe. =p
So yeah, my social circle has expended by that teeny weeny bit. =) But for the near future, I doubt I'll be attending such events again..

Friday, 25 December 2009

Thank you!

Thank u all for ur well wishes! Hee... Be it wishing Teacher Jerry Merry Christmas or sending me a "Good Luck" sms for my speed date later on.. Hee.... Thank u!

Now gotta speed off~

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

No lessons on Christmas Day

Dear all,

There will be no swimming lessons this friday (25 Dec 2009) as its christmas day.

Lessons will be brought forward to Thursday(24 Dec 2009)@ your usual friday timings.

Those on the holiday intensive program, Lessons will resume as per normal on monday.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I think my child is not improving...

Misbehaving. Late for class. Disobedient. Talking back to teacher. Playing truant.

These are just some of the things a teacher faces in everyday teaching. But, none of these are as hurting as a simple sentence from a parent - "I think my child is not improving."

This is a story of a mum, a 3.5yr old boy and a coach.

One day. Mum brings boy to coach and say. "Can u teach my son? He's 3.5yr old this year."

Coach sees that boy's too young to learn, suggested to mum that she brings boy to play more often at the pool so that he will grow to like water.

Mum told coach that both mum and dad has water phobia, that's why never bring boy to swim before. Mum insisted to coach to teach him and says "I dun need him to learn how to swim. So long he's water confident, that's more important."

Coach hesitated but eventually accepted boy.

Boy was really afraid of water. He will scream, shout, pinch, scratch and grab coach. Coach didn't give up on him and in 3 months time, boy grew to like water and was able to submerge in water.

At this point of time, Mum came and say to coach. "I think my child is not improving." After saying this, both mum and boy disappeared for 6mths.

6mths later, miraclely, Mum and boy appeared again. Mum once again asked coach to teach boy. After 6mths, boy forgets everything and coach has to reteach everything again. Coach did not give up and suggest to mum to bring boy for extra lesson.

3mths pass again. Boy is now able to float, breath underwater, do breast stroke kicking, breast stroke arm pull. Coach is very happy because boy is showing results.

At this point of time, Mum came and say to coach. "I think my child is not improving."

Yes. You guess it. I'm the coach. When that mum says that to me recently, I felt so hurt. I dunnoe why I felt that way but, it feels so hurtful. I've put in so much efforts into coaching her son but all I get is a simple "I think my child is not improving."

That feeling is as though, You put in so much effort into cooking and preparing a nice dinner for your love one and when he comes home, without even tasting the food, tell you straight. The dinner is not nice.

Or, you put in so much time and effort into your presentation & speech. But after 10sec of presenting, your boss says. No. Your presentation is no good.

You get the kind of hurtful feeling? I admit I might not be the best possible coach you can find.

But I believe I'm definitely one of the most dedicated coaches you can ever find. I dare to say that I place in my everything into every single student under my wing. My heart, my soul, my effort, my time, my commitment, my love & my passion.

If I didn't put in so much effort, I shouldn't be feeling so hurt right? No wonder they say, Passion & career dun go well with each other. When your passion becomes a career, that passion will die off... I guess, words like these are a killer to passion.

I'm hurt by those words that's for sure. (After all, I placed in so much efforts) But that wun stop me from continuing to teach boy. And just when I needed a motivation, it just came out of nowhere. =)

I was reading Mitch Albom "Have a little faith" and in it, there's this story that motivates me so much. Here's the story.

There's this salesman, see? And he knocks on a door. The man who answers says, 'I don't need anything today.'

The next day, the salesman returns.
"Stay away!" He is told.

The next day, the salesman is back.
"The man yells, 'You again! I warned you!' He gets so angry, he spits in the salesman's face.

"The salesman smiles, wipes the spit with a handkerchief, then looks to the sky and says, 'must be raining'"

I like the attitude of that salesman.. No matter what kind of negative feedback you receive, you should always think positively. Or perhaps, sometimes, a little bit of stubbornness is all you need.

Hmmm.. No wonder most teachers are so determined and yet stubborn @ times. =p

Monday, 21 December 2009

The best way to hurt.

What's the best way to hurt a teacher/a coach?
What's ur guess?=)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

My books arrived! =)

Few weeks back, I shared that I was getting books from The Book Depository. And yup! They arrived safely!! Yeah~!

Double Goal Coach is a book not found in Singapore. And a quick check with Kinokuniya and Borders, they quoted me $30++ for this book and shipping time takes 4-6weeks.

But I paid only US$29.89(SGD $42.28) for both Double Goal Coach and Have a little faith. Which means I had save more than $20 + less waiting time! =)

$20 might not mean alot to some people. But, remember. A dollar save is a dollar earned.

The books from Book Depository came within 2 weeks. Yeah!! =) What else can you ask for? Money save, Time save + Free shipping delivery! I'm so impressed with my 1st purchase! hee..

Now, I'm a happy boy with my 2 books.. Hee... Question is.... which book should I start 1st.. Hmmm...
P/s: I repeated Santa Claus Story for 3 whole days! The kids simply go wild when they hear the story.. Hee... I love to see their expression! Priceless.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Santa Came!

Opened my door this morning and I saw this bag outside the house! Ho Ho Ho!!!! Santa came!! =)

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dear Santa...


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope the global warming around the world is not melting your ice away in North Pole or Finland, wherever you are currently now with your team of reindeers.


As part of saving Gaia, I dun intend to use paper to write to you this year(anyway, I think you must have millions of letters to read and probably miss mine.) So, I think it's easier, faster and more efficient to write a post on my blog since I know you would have by now place my blog under your "Favorites". So, most probably you will be reading this soon! Yeah~!

It's less than 10 days to Christmas and I believe this year I must have enter your "Good Children List". Which means, I'll get a present from you right?! Hee...

I have been a really good boy this year.. I shared, I cared, I loved, I taught and I gave.

Good enough to enter your "Good Children List" already right? Hee.. But if you are really going to give me a present, may I request you to forgo my big big present and transform them into smaller presents so that all my children will get a present each?

These kids deserve a present from you this Christmas more than I do. Here are the reasons why they deserve a present from you....


I have witnessed so many of them work hard this year.
I have witnessed so many of them swam beyond expectations.
I have witnessed so many of them behaving themselves much better as compared to last year.
I have witnessed the determination in these children.
I have witnessed how far some of these children travelled. Some stayed in Ubi, Jurong, Tampines, Upper cross st and yet, they dun mind travelling all the way to Yio Chu Kang or Seng Kang just to learn swimming from me.
I have witnessed a boy name Jere who wants to stand, run and jump but unable to do it. He's only able to swim. And he's such a motivational to me and others.
I have witnessed these children throwing temper or shout @ me on bad days but @ the end of the day, they apologise to me saying "Teacher Jerry. I'm sorry."
I have witnessed how they bring themselves into competition and tell me. "Win or lose doesn't matter." And when they win, they gave me those credits. When they didnt win, they apologise to me. Santa, what's more important is their participation right?
I have also witnessed how tan we've become because the ozone layer has a hole and the sun ray is making us look so much darker.
I have also witnessed how they swam in the freezing cold water and the rain @ times yet, no complaints. No complaints from these kids @ all.

I am so proud of these children Santa. Of course, there are some naughty ones in my class. But, they all have a good heart Santa. Thought playful and naughty at times but they do listen to me. And I know they just want to have that bit more of my attention on them. =)


Santa, I have learnt and grew alot this year together with my children. They taught me so much about Pet Society, Maple Story, Ben 10, Bakugan, Super YoYo, Tricky Tv, OKTO, Farmville, Mousehunt and Cafe world. So much till I dunnoe which one to start with. Hee...

I might not be the best coach around. But these children that I have, they are surely the best students any coach can ask for. So, Santa, when you make your present delivery trip with your reindeers team to Singapore, dun forget to stop by my place k?

Oh! My place does not have a fire chimney for you to climb down. So maybe you might want to consider VPOST services or Fedex? They live to deliver. =)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A day spend @ KK Hospital

Ever since Rae POP, it seems that there are so much events happening that I can hardly breath. Hee.... I have so much backlogs that I must clear.. But the most important event is finally over yesterday!

Congratulations Children for passing your endurance test yesterday! You kids made it and I'm so proud of you all! I shall blog about this in a few days time. (got to clear all my backlogs 1st.. Hee...)On Wed, Rae POP. On Thurs, both of us attended "Understanding Asthma & Common Allergic Conditions in Children Workshop" over @ KK Hospital.
Our lecture notes for the day.. Lots of graphs and statisticsAsthma is a common medical disorder and 1 in every 5 school children has Asthma. Usually childhood asthma, children will grow out of it. Which is good news! =)
We touched on the importance of exercise & the doctor used "2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for American." And here are the evidence.

Exercise: - Improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
-Improved bone health
-Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers
-Favorable body composition
-Reduced symptoms of depression
Doctor also say, Children hardly exercise nowadays.(Children, u read that. You all better stop playing with facebook and maple story and swim more! Hee...) Therefore, as coaches, our training time spent with them is very valuable. These are the only time they get to exercise.
One coach asked the doctor what kind of physical activity would he recommend to a child with asthma. His answer was that it varies for different individuals and the intensity of the sport etc. However, swimming seems to be the more popular choices.
In 1996, the U.S Olympic Team, nearly 17% of the athletes had asthma and 30% of them won medals. Therefore,it is generally safe and important for children with asthma to exercise. Of course, awareness about exercise induced asthma and its management allows children with asthma to exercise safely.
Children with asthma should always bring their inhaler along with them. We got introduced into how to use the inhaler and a spacer. Of course, the inhaler we use is a placebo.Normally you use the inhaler in this manner. But, some children find it hard to hold their breath for 10sec. Hence, the effect is not there.Introducing... The spacer!When the spacer is used in between the mouth and the inhaler, children with asthma find it easier to inhale. Which is rather good.

One such spacer cost around $30. But KK hospital is willing to give these spacer to us for free! Yup. Free! So, anyone who wants a spacer for your child with asthma, pls let me know thru email @ or contact me direct @ 9100 1855.

I will consolidate the amount we need and request from the hospital.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rae POP!

Yeah! My brother P.O.P liao! Attended his Passing Out Parade (P.O.P) in Tekong on Wednesday... But it seems that the most excited person is not him... It's our dad- The most excited man for that day!

Look @ the few videos below.. My dad watches too much taiwanese variety show liao that he got addicted to being a host.... Hee... Now, let your host Mr Toh bring u thru the whole parade.. Hee...

On our way to the ferry terminal....

Before boarding the ferry...

When we reach Tekong..

Dad trying to act busy.. Haha..

And here comes Rae... (Video alittle shaky and long)

Getting ready for the march past....(Video still alittle shaky)

A clearer view of Rae... He has transformed. From a boy to man liao.. =)

And the traditional "putting on jockey" ceremony...And the men POP liao loh!!! It's a tradition to throw ur jockey cap as high as u can.. Hee...

And the parade comes to an end...(Dad is still giving his comments.. Hee)

And we celebrated!!

The 2 handsome men but Boy @ heart. I simply love this brother of mine! =)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Teacher Rae POP loh!

Just got back from attending my brother Passing Out Parade aka POP! =) But I'm too tired to blog about it.. Lots of photos and videos...

I will blog about it tml. =) I know alot of people cant wait to see your handsome teacher Rae... Hee... Right now, the ZZzz Monster has beaten him and we gotta attend a seminar together tml morning @ 9am!

Here's what we are attending tml...

Date: 10 December 2009, Thursday
Venue: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Lecture Theatre Women Tower Level 1

Programme Highlights:

8.30am: Registration
9.00am: Understanding The Challenges Of Children With Bronchial Asthma by Prof Chay Oh Moh
9.20am: Allergic Diseases In Children by A/Prof Anne Goh
9.40am: Exercise And The Asthmatic Children by Dr Teoh Oon Hoe
10.00am: Question and Answer
10.10am: Tea Break
10.40am: Understanding the Written Asthma Action Plan (WAAP) by SN Eng Chor Lin
11.00am: Inhalation Techniques (Hands On Practical Session) by Respiratory Medicine Service, Dept of Paediatric Medicine/KKH
12.00pm: End of Programme

We deal with alot of kids who have asthma. So, this seminar is definitely going to help us teach kids with asthma in swimming! =) Till tml....

Monday, 7 December 2009

The english version (A wall of text) =0

Okie as promised.. Here it is - The English version from The post that was blogged in Chinese.. =p

I like to watch Taiwanese drama. Hmmm, nope, I should say, I'm in love with Taiwanese drama! Hee.. To some people, Taiwanese drama might seem exaggerating and full of soapy stuff. But to me, I think most Taiwanese drama are very romantic and thoughtful.

Of course, some parts are super duper exaggerating like the actor staying in a house that looks more like a castle then a house. And they all get to travel around in fanciful cars like Ferrari, Porsche or BMW. And they are mostly super duper rich in these shows where money is not of a concern to them. Well, These are the exaggerating part.

But many a times, it's their scripts that make me tear unknowingly. Perhaps, cancerian are alittle more sensitive but, sometimes, their conversation simply just touches your heart. I guess, only those who watches such drama will understand what I'm saying. Hee...

I think the producer and director are simply very good at capturing "that moment". Be it the expression of the eyes or that simple gesture (that usually gets repeated 3 times in repeat mode). Sometimes I wonder if they have gone thru such experiences before. If not, how could they know how to capture such heart wrenching moments?

Dun you feel that every time the actor and actress did something sweet and romantic, or have to break up because of reasons they cant say it out, time seems to come to a stand still for them? And a romantic touching love songs starts to play at the background... AH.....

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself as the main lead. Hee... Abit impossible but.. at least I dare to dream! Hee... I mean, who doesn't wish himself/herself to be in a romantic sweet relationship? I also want! Hee... But, no matter how hard I try in this area, It always end up as a failure. Well,

Maybe, the problem lies with me.
Maybe, I'm not romantic or sweet enough.
Maybe, I do not know how to smooth talk.
Or maybe, Destiny has yet to arrive for me.

After meeting so many difficulties and failure on the road of relationship, sometimes you really feel like giving it all up. I can totally understand why singles like to say "It's better to be single." to their friends. Sometimes, you just feel like giving up and stop searching for "HER". But, I still believe, my destiny has yet to arrive. So, I will keep on searching for her.

Who knows, my princess might just be around the corner when I next make a turn? Hee..

And when I found her, I will say this to her. "Where have you been all this while? Sorry, I took such a long time to find you."

Think about it, I take such a long time and so much efforts to find "Her", it might be a good thing after all! Hee... Because, the harder it takes, the more I will treasure "Her". Alot of people (including my parents!) have been asking me to go to dating agencies. But I'm still quite hesitant about that...

Cause when you go to such agencies, the 1st thing they ask you is your "criteria". I dun like that. I dun like it when you set a target for your the other half. Today, he/she might meet your "criteria" but what if 1 day, he/she no longer meet your "criteria"? I might sound abit old here but I still believe in chemistry. The kind where, fire works will be created and sparks everywhere.. Hee...

Funny thing is, alot of friends @ my age are afraid of getting tied down but I'm so looking forward to marriage! Hee... I dream of setting up a family with my love one and hold my children's hand. (it must be my job. Seeing all the cute little ones everyday and they way they talked to you.. =p)

Well, like they say, it's never easy to find true love. And when I found my true love, I will make sure I protect her with all my life.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Good stuff to share

On monday, I ordered 2 books - (The Double Goal Coach by Jim Thompson & Have a little faith by Mitch Albom) online from The Book Depository. Well, it's my 1st time ordering books online. Hee.. Am I sooooooo excited! =)

If these 2 books arrive safely to my doorstep, then I must have gotten myself a good catch!

Current, The Book Depository has a 10% discount off your total orders. So, I thought I might as well share with the bookworms out there.

Follow this link to be entitled for the 10% discount. On your check out basket, enter the promo code "HAPPY99X" and you will recieved 10% off! your total purchase with free delivery! I paid USD$29.89 for my 2 books with free world wide delivery! Hee.. That's a good bargain to me. Oh, this promo ends on 11 Dec 2009.

Well, how long it will takes for these 2 books to travel from UK to Singapore is a question mark to me. But, should they arrive, I will be a happy boy! Hee... =) Looking forward...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Have a sudden urge to blog this using Chinese. So, I shall do that! Hee.. Will translate this post in a few days to English. Since garmen is encouraging Chinese, well, see if you can complete reading this post in Chinese! Hee...

我很喜欢看台湾偶像剧。不,应该说-迷恋。对了!我超迷恋偶像剧的! 有些人或许会觉得偶像剧很夸张,很剧情话。可是,我却觉得偶像剧不但浪漫,而且很用心。






很难讲,说不定,下一站幸福,爱转角,我就会遇到我的公主小妹然后和她一起过着闪亮的日子。谁知道阿!我还是热血青春的ok! 呵呵。。 不过,当我真的找到她的时候。我必定会问她。“你迷路了很久吧。对不起,我到现在才找到你。”



要求其实很简单,只希望能够找到一位无怨无悔的那个“她”就心满意足了。就好像台湾偶像剧一样阿!但是,真爱可遇不可求啊!越简单的爱情,越难得到阿!我的人生就有如一场台湾偶像剧! 哈哈!