Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The things you didn't know about Teachers till you become one

1st of all... Thank you Norin for drawing out this photo for me! =) Was chatting wif Rae and Norin over dinner on sat night when I told them "The things you didn't know about Teachers till you become one."

I wanted to write this entry for a very long time but I cant figure out the explanation part so I asked Norin if she could drew out a pic for me. And look @ her work! Woah... Exactly how I described to her! Thanks Norin! You are simply talented in drawings! =)

Now, let's start... I believe alot of teachers can relate very well to this cartoon drawing (although the cute character looks like me.. hee... =p) Teachers usually look after their students as though they are their own children.

Yes, often we have to reprimand them for the mistakes they make. We have to keep on repeating ourselves @ times to bring across a message. But, most of the time, we are always there to motivate them to move 1 more step forward. These are some of the impression people have on teachers.

But what alot of people dunnoe is the way we protect our students from "Dangers".

Alot of times, when complaints come in, when negative feedback is received on a particular student, a parent/stranger complaints the mischievous behaviour of a particular student is affecting his/her child, the principle/HOD/parents starts questioning us on the learning progress of this student, another teacher giving negative feedback on our student or perhaps bringing the class out for an excursion and complaints are being received. These, are just like the bullets in the drawing.

Without a good teacher, the students will be "hit" by these bullets. But who's always there to protect the students from getting hurt? Who else but a good teacher. Dun you agree?

A good teacher will shield and protect his students from all the negative comments so that they will have a positive environment to grow and learn. A good teacher is like a knight. Always in front of the castle protecting. Yes, we rather get hit by those bullets than to deprive the students a positive learning environment.

I received a few feedback on my recent post. Some friends say I'm crazy to be so honest writing out my feelings and yes, I might offend some parents but that's really how I feel. End of the day, I will still want my students to have a very good and strong fundamental rather than becoming "Paper chasers".

I must decalare. This blog is not meant to be commercialise (it's not my intention anyway) and I dun want it to be commercialise too. If I want a web that's commercialise, I would have fanciful display, layouts etc. I would hide away all the unglam stuff and show you only the good & fake side of Teacher Jerry and Teacher Rae.

I will @ the same time, also take away a sportsman most important virtue - Honesty.

I rather be honest with my own feelings than to put on a mask and try to be an actor and show how wonderful I can be. I want to teach my students the value of honesty. An athlete and sportsman most important spirit is in his honesty and dignity.

If today we lose a competition with honesty and dignity, we can always work hard and try it again. That's call experience.

But if today, we win a competition because we cheated and lied. Not only have we not win that competition but we have also cheated ourselves and we are going to live with that forever. That's call guilt.

If you think Teacher Jerry only teaches swimming to his students. Think again. =)

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