Monday, 16 November 2009

The progress of Little Jere

Remember Little Jere story? He started swimming almost 4 months ago.. I was looking at his schedule.. And realised that he only had about 8 lessons so far, with the constant visits to the hospital and the medicine @ times that forced him to skipped some of his swimming classes...

But nevertheless, I shall make do with all the time I have with him, Nat, Gwen, Marcus and Ming Rui...

Jere progress is really amazing to me. On the 2nd lesson, he's a pilot, operating his aeroplane. By the 5th lesson, he's blowing bubbles underwater and on the latest lesson, he's already floating on his own! Well done Jere!

Look Jere's floating! Although its just a short distance float for him but it's such a great achievement for him! Photos were taken by his mummy Michele. =)

Strangely, I didn't feel so emotional when I was coaching him. But I'm feeling so proud and emotional now as I'm blogging and looking at these photos. Ah~ This boy touches people heart. Doesnt he?

For a boy who longs so much to run, walk and jump yet unable to achieve it at the moment. The only form of independent moving motion he can only achieve now is thru swimming and that's great! When he's swimming, he's no different from any other children.

Jere blow bubbles just like any other kids.
Jere floats just like any other kids.
Jere goes underwater just like any other kids.
Jere loves swimming just like any other kids.

And I know, 1 day, Little Jere will swim 1 lap of the Olympic size pool just like any other kids.

At least @ the moment, we all know, we dun need to pray for a miracle for that to happen on this talent young boy because, We believe it will happen.

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