Sunday, 8 November 2009

Inspirations from Mr.Weather

It's been raining the past few days... COLD COLD COLD! FREEZING!!! Monsoon season is officially here... And the past week weather (which include the thunder and lightning) gave me such an inspiration that I wrote this on my facebook..

"Objections, Rejections, Obstacles in life always seems to travel faster then success. Just like lightning always travel faster than thunder. But 1 thing u can be sure of, After the lightning(failure), there's usually a thunder sound(success) =) "

To which, one of my friends (whose currently known as Mr.Shin) replied,

"Thunder is a result of Lightning. When hot air hits cold air, it creates friction and that friction creates lightning. Since light is the fastest speed you will hear the sound of thunder much later because sound is slower than light.

You cannot have thunder without lightning and lightning without thunder. If you see lightning and you do not hear thunder you are too far away to hear it or it was not very loud.

So bro, ur absolutely right because eventually we will have success. If you still do not see success from ur failure, means ur still too far from ur accomplishments and hence no thunder. "

It's great when u have a friend/teacher who thinks the same way as u. Very often, before a person succeed, he's sure bound to face with tons of difficulties, objections. But if you take a step back and think. Without these failures, how will one really appreciate the taste of success?

Whenever Teacher Jerry met an obstacle, I always say this to myself. "I'm 1 step nearer to success because I have just met objection. Next step will be meeting Failure before I finally arrive @ success." Just like the nature of the weather. Lighting always travel faster than Thunder. Which is why, u will always see the lighting 1st before hearing the thunder. =)

Hope this small post motivates u in any objections/rejections/obstacles that u are currently facing. =)

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