Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A day with the world class...

Am finally back home and I just cant wait to share and blog about what happen today! In conclusion... It was so exciting!

Attended "A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE- Swimming Coaches Workshop" on Breaststroke technique by World Renowned Coach Rohan Taylor and his World Class Swimmer, Leisel Jones ( 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medallist at the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing) today.

It's the very 1st time I'm so up close with an Olympic champion and a world class coach! I think there's no better word then to use World Class here...

Rohan Taylor shared alot of insights and his views on the techniques in teaching breaststroke and also showed us the kind of drills he does with Leisel Jones.

What surprised me most was when Leisel Jones shared with us that when she was @ age 13, she was clocking 70km - 100km swim a week. That's like 2,000 laps in our 50m pool!

That's the training load of an olympic swimmer! Hmmm...Time to revisit my training program for my kids! Hee....
That's Leisel Jones, Rohan Taylor & Teacher Jerry! =) A world class combination. =pRohan Taylor explaining his drills to the swimmers...Now that Rohan Taylor has shared so much with us today, I simply cant wait to introduce the drills to my students! Of course, I have tried out the drills right after the workshop today! I have already seen the difference!

The drills practised by an Olympic Champion! I cant wait to see my kids perform! So, kids, dun miss out on ur next lesson!

Here's what we will be doing next... Streamlining, Streamlining, Streamlining... =p

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