Friday, 27 November 2009

A Good Holiday

A good holiday begins with

- A good run with a group of good friends @ a good location ending with a good meal.

The rest of the day is definately going to be only better! =)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

One Day... I'll be there.

One Day. I'll be racing there.
One Day. I'll compete over there.
One Day. I'll cross the finish line over there.
One Day. I'll be there.

Now, I just got to train hard.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

For 27 Nov and 29 Nov classes...

Dear all,

This coming Friday (27 Nov 2009) is Hari Raya Haji. Supposingly, we aren't having swimming lessons on public holiday.

However, taking into consideration that most of you missed out a few lessons due to the rainy weather & exam period (and any other reasons), I shall sacrifice my precious public holiday and conduct lesson. =)

Therefore, This Friday lesson will be as per normal. Of course, if you are celebration Hari Raya Haji, you will be excused.

As for Sunday Classes(29 Nov 2009), we wouldnt be having swimming lesson as informed earlier because it's the 5th week of the month. So, we shall have a rest. Lesson will resume as per normal on the following sunday - 6th Dec 2009.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A day with the world class...

Am finally back home and I just cant wait to share and blog about what happen today! In conclusion... It was so exciting!

Attended "A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE- Swimming Coaches Workshop" on Breaststroke technique by World Renowned Coach Rohan Taylor and his World Class Swimmer, Leisel Jones ( 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medallist at the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing) today.

It's the very 1st time I'm so up close with an Olympic champion and a world class coach! I think there's no better word then to use World Class here...

Rohan Taylor shared alot of insights and his views on the techniques in teaching breaststroke and also showed us the kind of drills he does with Leisel Jones.

What surprised me most was when Leisel Jones shared with us that when she was @ age 13, she was clocking 70km - 100km swim a week. That's like 2,000 laps in our 50m pool!

That's the training load of an olympic swimmer! Hmmm...Time to revisit my training program for my kids! Hee....
That's Leisel Jones, Rohan Taylor & Teacher Jerry! =) A world class combination. =pRohan Taylor explaining his drills to the swimmers...Now that Rohan Taylor has shared so much with us today, I simply cant wait to introduce the drills to my students! Of course, I have tried out the drills right after the workshop today! I have already seen the difference!

The drills practised by an Olympic Champion! I cant wait to see my kids perform! So, kids, dun miss out on ur next lesson!

Here's what we will be doing next... Streamlining, Streamlining, Streamlining... =p

Friday, 20 November 2009

Lost & Found

Dear Students, if you have lost your pyjamas from the period of year 2005 till today. Kindly come and claim your lost pyjamas from Teacher Jerry from now till end of November. Hee...

I've been collecting my students "lost pyjamas" every now and then... Now, its too much to store.. And the "Empress" @ home is nagging me liaoz.. Hee.. So, come and claim back all your pyjamas ok!

By the end of this month, all unclaimed pyjamas will find their way to The Salvation Army. =) Of course, I will still keep a few for spares... SHhhhhhhhhhh..... =p

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Drowned teen's body found

Reference from by Sujin Thomas

THE body of a teenager was found early on Tuesday, more than 30 hours after he was last seen in the sea off East Coast Park.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call at about 2.10am informing them that the body of 18-year-old Mohammed Nazim Ismail had been brought ashore.

It was his cousin, Mohammed Nazir Yusope, 25, who spotted his body bobbing in the water near where he was last seen, 20m from shore.

He jumped in to retrieve him, followed by other family members, who had been keeping vigil on the stretch of beach since Sunday evening.

Divers from the SCDF and Naval Diving Unit had by then called off their search efforts. However boats from the Police Coast Guard and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore were still patrolling the area at the time.

Mohammad Nazim was buried on Tuesday at the Lim Chu Kang Muslim cemetery following a short wake at his family's Bedok Reservoir flat which was attended by about 100 people.

Read the full story in Wednesday edition of The Straits Times (Home,B2)

Our deepest condolences.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The progress of Little Jere

Remember Little Jere story? He started swimming almost 4 months ago.. I was looking at his schedule.. And realised that he only had about 8 lessons so far, with the constant visits to the hospital and the medicine @ times that forced him to skipped some of his swimming classes...

But nevertheless, I shall make do with all the time I have with him, Nat, Gwen, Marcus and Ming Rui...

Jere progress is really amazing to me. On the 2nd lesson, he's a pilot, operating his aeroplane. By the 5th lesson, he's blowing bubbles underwater and on the latest lesson, he's already floating on his own! Well done Jere!

Look Jere's floating! Although its just a short distance float for him but it's such a great achievement for him! Photos were taken by his mummy Michele. =)

Strangely, I didn't feel so emotional when I was coaching him. But I'm feeling so proud and emotional now as I'm blogging and looking at these photos. Ah~ This boy touches people heart. Doesnt he?

For a boy who longs so much to run, walk and jump yet unable to achieve it at the moment. The only form of independent moving motion he can only achieve now is thru swimming and that's great! When he's swimming, he's no different from any other children.

Jere blow bubbles just like any other kids.
Jere floats just like any other kids.
Jere goes underwater just like any other kids.
Jere loves swimming just like any other kids.

And I know, 1 day, Little Jere will swim 1 lap of the Olympic size pool just like any other kids.

At least @ the moment, we all know, we dun need to pray for a miracle for that to happen on this talent young boy because, We believe it will happen.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

16th Holiday Intensive Swimming Intake

After much anticipation, Here it is!

Registration for the 16th Holiday Intensive Swimming Intake is now open! And as always, I did a "commercial" for the fun of it... Hee.. Enjoy! Below are the details for the program.

Location #1: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Day: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Time: 9am, 10am, 11am
Commencing on: 7th Dec 2009 - 30th Dec 2009
(No lesson on 9th & 25th Dec)
Vacancies: Max 10 students per time slot only
Price: $90 for 9 lessons (U.P $130)
Coaches: Teacher Jerry

Location #2: Seng Kang Swimming Complex
Day: Every Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 9am, 10am, 11am
Commencing on: 8th Dec 2009 - 31st Dec 2009
(No lesson on 10th Dec)
Vacancies: Max 10 students per time slot only
Price: $70 for 7 lessons (U.P $100)
Coaches: Teacher Jerry

Please do not feel paiseh to contact me @ (65) 9100 1855 or email me for any further enquires! =)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The things you didn't know about Teachers till you become one

1st of all... Thank you Norin for drawing out this photo for me! =) Was chatting wif Rae and Norin over dinner on sat night when I told them "The things you didn't know about Teachers till you become one."

I wanted to write this entry for a very long time but I cant figure out the explanation part so I asked Norin if she could drew out a pic for me. And look @ her work! Woah... Exactly how I described to her! Thanks Norin! You are simply talented in drawings! =)

Now, let's start... I believe alot of teachers can relate very well to this cartoon drawing (although the cute character looks like me.. hee... =p) Teachers usually look after their students as though they are their own children.

Yes, often we have to reprimand them for the mistakes they make. We have to keep on repeating ourselves @ times to bring across a message. But, most of the time, we are always there to motivate them to move 1 more step forward. These are some of the impression people have on teachers.

But what alot of people dunnoe is the way we protect our students from "Dangers".

Alot of times, when complaints come in, when negative feedback is received on a particular student, a parent/stranger complaints the mischievous behaviour of a particular student is affecting his/her child, the principle/HOD/parents starts questioning us on the learning progress of this student, another teacher giving negative feedback on our student or perhaps bringing the class out for an excursion and complaints are being received. These, are just like the bullets in the drawing.

Without a good teacher, the students will be "hit" by these bullets. But who's always there to protect the students from getting hurt? Who else but a good teacher. Dun you agree?

A good teacher will shield and protect his students from all the negative comments so that they will have a positive environment to grow and learn. A good teacher is like a knight. Always in front of the castle protecting. Yes, we rather get hit by those bullets than to deprive the students a positive learning environment.

I received a few feedback on my recent post. Some friends say I'm crazy to be so honest writing out my feelings and yes, I might offend some parents but that's really how I feel. End of the day, I will still want my students to have a very good and strong fundamental rather than becoming "Paper chasers".

I must decalare. This blog is not meant to be commercialise (it's not my intention anyway) and I dun want it to be commercialise too. If I want a web that's commercialise, I would have fanciful display, layouts etc. I would hide away all the unglam stuff and show you only the good & fake side of Teacher Jerry and Teacher Rae.

I will @ the same time, also take away a sportsman most important virtue - Honesty.

I rather be honest with my own feelings than to put on a mask and try to be an actor and show how wonderful I can be. I want to teach my students the value of honesty. An athlete and sportsman most important spirit is in his honesty and dignity.

If today we lose a competition with honesty and dignity, we can always work hard and try it again. That's call experience.

But if today, we win a competition because we cheated and lied. Not only have we not win that competition but we have also cheated ourselves and we are going to live with that forever. That's call guilt.

If you think Teacher Jerry only teaches swimming to his students. Think again. =)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Inspirations from Mr.Weather

It's been raining the past few days... COLD COLD COLD! FREEZING!!! Monsoon season is officially here... And the past week weather (which include the thunder and lightning) gave me such an inspiration that I wrote this on my facebook..

"Objections, Rejections, Obstacles in life always seems to travel faster then success. Just like lightning always travel faster than thunder. But 1 thing u can be sure of, After the lightning(failure), there's usually a thunder sound(success) =) "

To which, one of my friends (whose currently known as Mr.Shin) replied,

"Thunder is a result of Lightning. When hot air hits cold air, it creates friction and that friction creates lightning. Since light is the fastest speed you will hear the sound of thunder much later because sound is slower than light.

You cannot have thunder without lightning and lightning without thunder. If you see lightning and you do not hear thunder you are too far away to hear it or it was not very loud.

So bro, ur absolutely right because eventually we will have success. If you still do not see success from ur failure, means ur still too far from ur accomplishments and hence no thunder. "

It's great when u have a friend/teacher who thinks the same way as u. Very often, before a person succeed, he's sure bound to face with tons of difficulties, objections. But if you take a step back and think. Without these failures, how will one really appreciate the taste of success?

Whenever Teacher Jerry met an obstacle, I always say this to myself. "I'm 1 step nearer to success because I have just met objection. Next step will be meeting Failure before I finally arrive @ success." Just like the nature of the weather. Lighting always travel faster than Thunder. Which is why, u will always see the lighting 1st before hearing the thunder. =)

Hope this small post motivates u in any objections/rejections/obstacles that u are currently facing. =)

Monday, 2 November 2009

Since When?

Since when have parents become so obsessed with certifications that they rather choose to forgo their kids fundamental skills?

Since when have parents developed this mentality that once the child pass Bronze test, that child can swim and wont drown?

Since when have parents started to use Bronze/Silver/Gold/Gold star to compare their child with other children in their progress in swimming?

Since when?

One must understand that The National Survival Swimming Award(NASSA) is a test which simulates a scenario of a sinking ship loaded with passengers and goods. The objective is to educate and train candidates to possess the knowledge and competence to overcome adversities in a genuine situation.

I'm sure alot of coaches faces the common question that I face too. But what I'm going to write here is base on my personal thoughts and feelings and does not represent anyone nor any organisation.

We are always being asked "When is my child going for the test?" and after the "test", some parents will say "I think, we will stop for awhile."

In the very 1st place, why did u want ur child to learn swimming?

Ans #1: So that my child will know how to swim and will be able to survive in water. After all, Singapore is an island surrounded by water
Ans #2: So that 1 day, he will be able to compete in a swimming race
Ans #3: So that my child can have some form of exercise and a break from studies..
Ans #4: So that I can let my child go and take the test

Did you choose #4? In that case, why have parents become so anxious about when the child is going for the test? Which is more important? The test or the fundamental of ur child swimming strokes?

As coaches, most of us will choose the latter for ur child. I would rather my kids developed a good and strong foundation in all the 4 competitive strokes and glide like a fish in the water. And 1 day being able to stand on the plunging platform getting ready to race.

Rather than to have them wear pyjamas every other lesson and tell them, "U better go for ur 100m swim now and come back in 3mins."
And when the kids ask. "Huh..3 mins. why?"
"Because, that's ur test requirement."

No no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against sending the child for swimming test. In fact, I'm all for sending them to the survival test. All my students have to and they must go for their survival test. I know how important it is to teach such survival skills to a child.

Let's take 1 of the few important criteria in GOLD Award. It's to swim 100m in 3mins with pyjamas on. Break that up, and its 50m in 1min30secs.

As of today, Singapore National Record for 50m Under 14 Boys breaststroke is 30.53sec set by KHOO Chien Yin Lionel on 14 Mar 2009 during the 40th S'pore Nat Age Group Swim C'ships 2009.

Now, that's a champion. Let's talk about an average Joe. For example, a child @ the age of 10, if fundamentals and speed of swimming is strong. Clocking less than 60sec, shouldn't be of an issue for him. Shouldn't parents be thinking towards this direction?

I just dun understand why some parents have this mentality that they want their kids to have all the awards ASAP and keep pushing them to wear pyjamas for every lesson.. And the worst - Thinking that having a bronze award is all that they need in swimming and get the child to quit after that.

So, what if you have a bronze/silver/gold award? Take Teacher Jerry for example. So what if I am a swimming coach? So what if I am a lifeguard? It doesnt mean that I won't drown. It doesnt mean that every time I swim out at the sea, I'm not afraid of drowning.

I lost 2 friends thru drowning and that kind of pain is indescribable. Fundamental of swimming and the 4 competitive strokes should come 1st before thinking about test isnt it? NASSA test is important but having ur child to swim the correct proper strokes, isn't that more important?

Quitting after Bronze/Silver or Gold award and thinking that your child can swim really well already, its just like having a Theory Grade 1 in music and thinking that your child can play Beethoven pieces. How many times have we seen kids who have a gold award but swim with all the wrong stroking's? Too many.

End of the day, who wants that award more? The child or the parent? Since when...?