Monday, 19 October 2009

The War of Laughter. =)

How our war looks like.. Laughter, Laughter & more Laughter... Heee....So, As the BBQ begins and with all the parents busy preparing the food... Our "Children Troops" are off marching to their battle field also know as Playground! Hee... Leading them the way to their battlefield... The war is about to begin... =pArrival @ their destination.... The discussion of the game begins.. And we decided to split into 2 groups. The girls group and the boys group. With Teacher Jerry leading the girls and Teacher Rae leading the boys...Warming up begins before the actual game starts... =)Jing Yi begins the 1st throw...Daryl getting ready for some offensive moves that he might face later.. Hee...And the boys discussing with Teacher Rae on what kind of tactics they should use later....Now, we are getting ready.....

Let's Cheer!! Hip Hip Hooray! Ooops, what's randall doing in our girls group!?!The boys team cheering too!And Joel and Jaedon, the brothers showing off their "Boys muscles"Let the FUN begins!Randall telling Shao Feng, "Nono... I'm with the girls team! Not ur ball! Our Ball!"The boys cheering again! They just scored their 1st goal!!!And you can guess who's the scorer ah.... Look @ Curtis big smile! =)Pranav decided to show off some of his Michael Jackson skills to celebrate Curtis 1st goal! Heee...On the other hand, Sophia decided that she should just enjoy her marshmallows and look @ all the fun. She must be thinking... "Hmmm.. My marshmallows are so nice! Later going to get 1 more."Nicholas looks like a supervisor in his photo! Haha... Is he supervising the game? Haha... Nope, He's going to catch "Cheater Bugs"!My girls realised that they stand a better chance against the boys if they work as a team..
Sarah on her way to scoring 1 point for the girls!Somehow, the boys managed to come out with strange and weird tactics... hee....See! Told u we need Nicholas to help us look for these "Cheater Bugs!"Jing Yi coming to rescue Teacher Jerry...While the other girls decided to attack Teacher Rae back!End result: Teacher Rae got a bigger singlet! Hee... Nei nei ni bu bu.... Bully my girls & we will bully u back... =pAei, how come our ball becomes a coconut!? U really got to take ur hats off for these kids... They are so good @ finding objects and u cant help but laugh. =DThis photo is super classic! Can u tell what's Shao Feng and Kelly doing? Answer: They are quarreling over the red ball.

Kelly: "It's the girls Ball!"
Shao Feng: "No! Its the boys ball!"

I wouldnt have knew this if our photographers didnt tell us the story....And somehow, they managed to give their best smile to the photographers after their arguments.. Hee...When I asked them "Do u remember u quarrel with someone on our party?" after 1 week.

Both their answer was: "Ya! I told her/him that it was our red ball. She/He dun believe." Similar answer they gave me back! Woah... =D

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