Friday, 30 October 2009

Teacher Jerry - Formal Look

This is how I will look like if I were to be working in an MNC (Multi National Company). Handsome right... Hee...

My mum loves to see her sons in uniforms like this cause she prefer to have sons whose skins are white and fair. Hee.... But too bad, her sons prefer to work under the blazing hot sun and at times in the freezing rain conditions. Hee..

Anyway, I was suppose to attend OLAM International Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday. And in the name of being "Hiao", I decided to wear formal and fished out Rae's suit. =p

Documents for the AGM later...And my faithful suitcase that has been with me for years...1 last shot before I leave for OLAM AGM. Ok. I admit, I'm quite vain. Hee...But hey, I dun have much chances to wear such formal suits ok. Hee... Of course must admire a little bit longer..I've completed Dr Michael Leong book on "Your 1st $1,000,000 making it in stocks". Personally, I feel its a very good book for newbies/beginners/noobs like me to get to know more on how the stock market work. If you are a newborn baby in the market just like Teacher Jerry, then I would recommend you this book to start off.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to enter the stock market. But I feel, it's an important knowledge to know how the market moves. Well, after all, the market affects our economy and lots of other stuff.

Therefore, it's important to know the basic fundamentals. There's still alot of things I need to learn from the market. But one should know @ least the basics like "Buy Low, Sell High", what factors will affect the market, be it bull or bear. And also, the importance of knowing how to read financial reports.

Investment is a knowledge and an experience that will be gained as you learn. That's why I feel, from young, parents should actually teach their children some fundamentals about investment.

Hmmm, teaching the kids how to save will be a good way to start off with! =)

P.s: Teacher Rae is booking out from camp tonight! We shall see how handsome he has become.. Hee... And ooops, he better dun find out that I wore his suit without his permission. He will kill me! =p

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