Sunday, 4 October 2009

A sneak preview

Last year, I worked till 2.30am. This year, I'm gonna work till 4am @ least I think.. Hee... I'm so excited! Cause we are going to party! Hahaa.....

I hope this year the kids will enjoy themselves more den any other years coz this year Rae and I really put in lots of effort.. Hee... You come to the party and you will know... *Bleahz*

And as always, here's a sneak preview of what you kids will be expecting... PRESENTS!
Now our headache is.. How are we going to distribute them to the kids?! It's sure gonna be crazy!! Hee..

And u wanna know what Teacher Rae and his gf has done? Its a DIY banner! Everything is DIY, including the fonts! See how much effort they have put in...So later remember to take some photos of it ok! =)

And let's pray super duper hard that there's no Rain today! See u all later @ the Party! =p

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