Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Responsibilites of a Singapore Man

Starting from today, I will be reliefing all of Teacher Rae classes until further notice. Reason? He's being called up to fulfill the duties of every Singapore Man -> To protect and defend our country, our island - Singapore. Yes. He got enlisted into the army today.

Smiling away with his hair before leaving the island of Singapore to turn Botak. Hee
While, he's away to protect the safety of our country, I'm coaching our future generation their safety in water. =)A group photo of all who went to send him. His loved ones and his 2 best friends.Can you spot your handsome Teacher Rae? Hee...We shall see how your Teacher Rae looks like in Botak head ok? Hee... Surely I will take a photo of his round botak head when he next book out! Hee... So come back and check out how he looks like! =p

As for now, Teacher Jerry will be taking good care of his students under my warm and caring wings.... =p

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