Thursday, 1 October 2009

Happy Children's Day!!

Yeah!! Today is Children's Day! It means School Holiday for the kids and it also means our Children Day Party is coming in less than 3 days!!! Party!!! Party!!! Party!! =)

And u know what? Last night, Teacher Rae and his gf did up something special for our party this year..

When I reached home after my coaching(even before I enter the door), mummy said... "Hurry!! Quick!! Go to the room and see..."

Teacher Rae say "Kor... U'll be very impressed... We spend the whole day doing.."

And when I finally opened his room, What I saw on the floor make my heart sank, tears almost roll out. I was touched. Super Touched by what both of them have done for the party.... Thank you Rae & Norin! Love u both... =)

I bet u wanna know what they did right? I'm not telling u until that day itself. Come to the party and u will know! Haha... =p

Preparation for the party is almost complete... Now, is making sure all the thing are ready and that rain will be having holidays this sunday! Hee... Also , must really thank all my supportive parents who are preparing the food. Thank u!

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