Friday, 16 October 2009

CopyRights Reserved

Pls hor... Before I forget, all the photos here belong to our 2 photographers on that day... Mr Yao Zhong and Mr Lip Wee. They have full copyright issues over all the photographs taken on our children day party.

So, dun steal the photos (I must say this 1st because some of the photos are simply too adorable!) It's their hard work... And I really appreciate their work. It's not easy running around capturing that moment of a lifetime...

For all the families that attended the party, I have burned out all the 601 photos and will be passing it to you starting from today. =)

For those who did not attend the party but you wish to have a copy of the photos, all you need to do is - Ask. =) Just ask me for the photos and I be more then willing to burn u a disc! =)

Thank you for your kindest understanding, support and co-operation.

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