Monday, 5 October 2009

Children Day Party 2009 - Let me say Thank you 1st

This Year children party was a big BANG! And if I may use the latest english word recently, it was BOOMZ! Haha...

Seriously, there are so many little small things to be grateful for this year. So many people, children and parents to say thank you to. I dunnoe how to express my thanks to all of you. But after thinking thru last night, I finally know how to say Thank you! You will find out when u next see me! Hee...

Personally, this year children party was one of the best I had for the past 5 years!
We had so much fun. So much laughter and screaming this year! Hee... And there were so much space, so much area and so much activities for the children to run around.
Rae and I had a few concerns this year.
Our party is on Sunday, next day is a school day ( and some of the kids got exams.) How?
Every year, we got alot of left over food. How?
If it rains again. How?

Luckily ( I really mean the word lucky when I say luckily) that all these concerns were overcome. That's my happiest achievement this year. Here's why...

I feel so fortunate to have all my supportive students and parents to attend our Children Day Party. And its not just about attending the party. It's about being involved in it too. Every Year, I always say, Our Children Day Party will never be such a Great Success without the food you all prepared and the help you offered out at the party!

When u saw how busy we were with the kids. You helped us out with all the food preparation, the clearing up of the food, cleaning up the mess, arranging and refilling the food, refilling the drinks and BBQing the food for the kids. Even if it was a simple help of bringing ur kids to the field. I was touched and I felt the warmth of each and everyone of u. It feels like the warmth of a big family!
Every year, we are always left with alot of food not because the turnout was bad or the food was not good. It's because, parents are always very generous with the food they bring. Hee... When I ask parents to bring 50 chicken wings, they end up bringing 100. Hee.. That's how supportive and generous parents I have! =)

Luckily, This year not much food was left! Same goes for the ice cream cake(it was gone in a few mins hee...) Next year, must order bigger cake! (cause I didnt get a chance to eat!) Hahaha.

It always rain during our party (without fail =D ). I was already worrying about this problem since day 1. Thank God that it only started to rain right after our party! How lucky can we be!? It rain right after our last activity ended. Thank you to all who prayed for a sunny day! Your prayer has worked! Thank you!

Last but not least, I'm glad that time management was well managed. The whole party ended before 8pm. Much earlier then we expected. All these were made possible because of each and everyone participation. Thank You

Now that I have finish saying my thanks... Up next will be the photos of the party! Stay tune!! For those who cant wait... All the photos from photographer Lip Wee are on Facebook! But that's not all. Waiting for the Photographer Yao Zhong photos too... =)

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