Friday, 16 October 2009

The Arrival of our Big Day! Not our wedding tot.. Haha

And yeah! Finally the Big Day has come! Thankfully for our dad "SUPER Transport" We managed to transport all the stuff all the way from Sembawang to Changi... =)

Here we are! Chalet A! The 2 of us getting ready for a WAR later... U will know why it's a war...Bringing out their master piece....And getting their master piece ready....See how joyful these 2 owners are with their work.. It really look so nice! =) Oh yar... @ this point of time.. Let me introduce to u, NURSE Norin! Hee... She's suppose to take care of injuries on that day with our 1st aid box... (The minor details have been thoughfully planned out) =p This is Darren! I think he looks like 蜡笔小新 in this photo! Hee... Cute la... Every year, his family and him are always the 1st to arrive! And every year, they are so super supportive of us! Thank you!! =)And while the kids are busy blowing up the ballons... Norin is making sure the ballons dun fall down.... =p Hee...Till now, I am still very amazed by our photographers... How did they managed to capture this shot?! We were making a final discussion on the events later... This is definately one of my fav photos.. Hee...The idea of my mum and dad but I know alot of people helped in this master piece... =)As our guests starts arriving from all over Singapore.....It's time to ask someone to get started! Hee...
My Auntie getting the fire ready...And vola! BBQ begins... And as usual... The kids have gone missing to fight the WAR.... =p

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