Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Teacher's Day part 2

Till date, I'm still receiving Teacher's Day presents! Hee... Thank u!!! =D

Thank You Venjamin for your Nanato Massager!

Thank You Putry, Abang, Adek for the mini box. Really very useful to me! =)

Thank You Tarynn for the sweetly DIY card. Very lovely!

Thank You Jerome for your colorful drawing of swimming pool and the Cars pouch!

Thank You Vanessa and Tommy for your chip and dale mug, cookies and your own written cards!

Thank You Issac and Tarsha for the lovely parker pen!

Thank You Abel and Clarinda for the water bottle!

Thank You Sabrina for your soft toy!

Thank You Marcus, Gwen, Nat and Jere for the World of Sport Voucher! =D

All the photos can be found in my facebook album. Check it out! =)

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