Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Woah! This year Teacher's Day is so happening to me! So much happening then my own Birthday! Haha...

I receive a record number of presents! Ranging from lovely hand made cards to key chains to chocolates to perfume!

First of all, Thank you to all the parents and students who make the effort and time to make, select and buy the presents for me. I really appreciate each and every present cause, I can feel the thought in each and every present given to me.

For better photo quality, You may look @ the photos on my facebook! =)

Now, time to thank each student( & their parents of course) for their effort in each present. =)

Giving thanks according to the photos lay out... hee...

Thank you Joy for drawing out a lovely card for me with 2 swimmers in it. Its very nicely drew! =)

Thank you Rachel for drawing a butterfly and a heart shape for me, your handcrafted mermaid keychain & saying "I Love u" =)

Thank you Ryan for the lovely Chocolate cookies and the personalised handphone strap wif my name on it! =)

Thank You Alvis & Arion, my lovely twins for the Shortcakes! =)

Thank You Randall for the lovely golden box and the key chain with my name on it! =)

Thank You Sarah & Megan for the Perfume!!! It must have cost much.

Thank You Betrice for your handcrafted bookmark. I love what you wrote on it! =)

Thank You Teddy for the big box of chocolates! =)

Thank You Wei Zheng for the fruity scents! =)

Thank You Lara for the flowerpot! Hee... I'm going to start planting soon. =p

Thank You Jun Kang for your thoughtful chocolates! =)

Thank You Colin for your Ikiyu Massager. I've multi uses for that! Hee... =)

Thank You Sophia for your lovely Stick on pads. I like whats written on the back of it. "Thank you Teachers. You are our world of Inspirations"

Thank You Helen for bring me the chocolates from Scotland & Germany! Now, I cant bear to eat them! =)

And lastly, Thank You YOU! For sending me all the wishes thru Facebook, Msn, email, sms and wishing me A Happy Teachers Day! =)
Teachers give their all to nurture the kids & I believe most Teachers do not expect anything in return from the child expect seeing them grow & learn.

Yet, on this special day, you see how much you meant to your students. Isn't that rewarding enough? To be appreciated. =) Here's wishing all Teachers, A Happy Teacher's Day!

The journey of teaching is a tough & rough one. But if we give up, who's going to mould the future generation? Let's strive together! =)

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