Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Opening up the Box... Vola! 1 Full box of kiddy mooncakes for my kids... =)We ordered 1 full box of kiddy mooncakes for our kids this year cause 1 day, Rae and I was walking and we saw this shop selling the mooncakes and we decided to buy some out of fun and treat our kids to it.

Surprisingly, Some of them have never seen such mooncakes b4. Hee... But it's like so delicious la. The moment we give our kids these mooncakes, some of them ate at once. Hee.. Conculsion: Either our training too tough makes them so hungry or the mooncake was too tempting to resist. Hee...So, here's Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone! Saturday, Can eat mooncake and watch the full moon with your love ones. Sunday, can come to our Children day party play with us!! Hee P/s: All your presents have been brought. Now its time to decide who gets the English Assessement books, who gets Maths, who gets Chinese.. Ooops... =p

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