Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Opening up the Box... Vola! 1 Full box of kiddy mooncakes for my kids... =)We ordered 1 full box of kiddy mooncakes for our kids this year cause 1 day, Rae and I was walking and we saw this shop selling the mooncakes and we decided to buy some out of fun and treat our kids to it.

Surprisingly, Some of them have never seen such mooncakes b4. Hee... But it's like so delicious la. The moment we give our kids these mooncakes, some of them ate at once. Hee.. Conculsion: Either our training too tough makes them so hungry or the mooncake was too tempting to resist. Hee...So, here's Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone! Saturday, Can eat mooncake and watch the full moon with your love ones. Sunday, can come to our Children day party play with us!! Hee P/s: All your presents have been brought. Now its time to decide who gets the English Assessement books, who gets Maths, who gets Chinese.. Ooops... =p

Monday, 28 September 2009

The Curious Box of Teacher Jerry

Over the weekend, a mystery box appeared. Stay tuned to find out, what's inside! =p

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The 1st batch of presents..

Yeah!!!! The 1st batch of presents have arrived and is sitting nicely in our living room. We are expected 4 more batches of presents to come in by next week.

Hope everything goes well. =)

P/s: For the protection, confidentiality and identity of these presents. No photos will be taken until they are fully dressed up.. Hee... =p

Monday, 21 September 2009

Christian the lion - Love no limits.

The following video might bring tears to your eyes. Well, @ least it did for me. =)

See the expression of the lion @ 56-59sec. It seems as thought it's in a state of shock when it saw its owners..

Nothing more needs to be said. Experience the feeling yourself. =)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Swimming lesson as usual this coming Sunday

Dear all,

This sunday swimming lesson is as per normal. I know it's public holiday and there shouldnt be any lesson.

But, I need to make up for 4th Oct (Sunday), Our Children day party! =)

So, See ya this sunday ok! =)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Some food for thoughts...

Some Coaches call their students - A Group
Some Coaches, A Class
Some, A Team
Some, A Club
Some, A School
Some, A Squad

I call mine, A Family.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Teacher's Day part 2

Till date, I'm still receiving Teacher's Day presents! Hee... Thank u!!! =D

Thank You Venjamin for your Nanato Massager!

Thank You Putry, Abang, Adek for the mini box. Really very useful to me! =)

Thank You Tarynn for the sweetly DIY card. Very lovely!

Thank You Jerome for your colorful drawing of swimming pool and the Cars pouch!

Thank You Vanessa and Tommy for your chip and dale mug, cookies and your own written cards!

Thank You Issac and Tarsha for the lovely parker pen!

Thank You Abel and Clarinda for the water bottle!

Thank You Sabrina for your soft toy!

Thank You Marcus, Gwen, Nat and Jere for the World of Sport Voucher! =D

All the photos can be found in my facebook album. Check it out! =)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Vote for me ok! Hee...

I submitted this photo for the Yeos H-TWO-O Ultimate Photography Challenge and its now in the finals! Hee... So, whats left now is ur support!

Go to YEOS website and look under Youth Catergoy for this photo. It's submitted by me using my name as "Toh Jiayi" ! Go vote ok! Hee... Thank u! Arigato! =D

Monday, 7 September 2009

Congraulations Randall Ong!

Congraulations to You! Randall Ong for coming in 1st in 50m Breast Stroke & 100m Breast Stroke! My dear boy Randall Ong took part in 2 events for his School Swimming meet.

Sometimes, Kids just like do things their way. One day, He came for class and tell me. "Jerry, My school got swimming meet. I taking part in 50m and 100m."

I ask "HUH?! U never tell me before you decide ah?"
He replied: "Hee.... I just take part lor.."
I asked again: "When is the meet?"
"I think is next month..Hee..."

So theorically speaking, I only have 1 month (4 lessons x 1hr) time to train him and prepare him for his meet. Every lesson, I will tell him, "Randall, If never win, never mind ok? You take part in the meet very good liao. Go for the experience."

And he will reply me "Ya, I dun think can win also."

A good coach will know, that sentence means a total different meaning. He wants to win.

And for that 1 month, he was so serious in training. I no longer hear any complaints from him. I no longer hear him grumble about the training too tough. He was so ever attentive to what I have to teach him. He was serious.

And on the day of the race, he swam like a "Dark Horse"! Below is the video took by his mummy (Deon). Randall is on lane 6. The top of the screen is lane 1.

You should really see how he catch up from the last position intially to claiming the champion! Classic is the only word to explain. Well, Randall used the word "Miracle" =)

Till date, I'm still smiling. Knowing that he did so well for the meet. I'm so proud of him!
The 2 medals that Randall won. 1st in 50m Breast stroke and 3rd in 100m Breast stroke. The Water Family 1st 2 medals! =)

Recalling back, it seems like just yesterday tat Randall just started learning swimming with me. It seems like only yesterday he was still struggling with Breast stroke in the deep pool, having to hold the wall every now and then.

I still remember how I always ask him to stay back after class so I can teach him longer. The problem he had was his stamina. And deon will be at the side of the pool telling him again and again not to hold the wall.

Woah~ It seems like so yesterday. 2 years ago, this boy cant even complete a 50m lap. Today, He's a Champion in 50m Breast Stroke and a 2nd runner up in 100m Breast Stroke!!
The Proud boy with his 2 medals! Well Done Randall! You work hard for it! Now, we must work even harder for next year!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Woah! This year Teacher's Day is so happening to me! So much happening then my own Birthday! Haha...

I receive a record number of presents! Ranging from lovely hand made cards to key chains to chocolates to perfume!

First of all, Thank you to all the parents and students who make the effort and time to make, select and buy the presents for me. I really appreciate each and every present cause, I can feel the thought in each and every present given to me.

For better photo quality, You may look @ the photos on my facebook! =)

Now, time to thank each student( & their parents of course) for their effort in each present. =)

Giving thanks according to the photos lay out... hee...

Thank you Joy for drawing out a lovely card for me with 2 swimmers in it. Its very nicely drew! =)

Thank you Rachel for drawing a butterfly and a heart shape for me, your handcrafted mermaid keychain & saying "I Love u" =)

Thank you Ryan for the lovely Chocolate cookies and the personalised handphone strap wif my name on it! =)

Thank You Alvis & Arion, my lovely twins for the Shortcakes! =)

Thank You Randall for the lovely golden box and the key chain with my name on it! =)

Thank You Sarah & Megan for the Perfume!!! It must have cost much.

Thank You Betrice for your handcrafted bookmark. I love what you wrote on it! =)

Thank You Teddy for the big box of chocolates! =)

Thank You Wei Zheng for the fruity scents! =)

Thank You Lara for the flowerpot! Hee... I'm going to start planting soon. =p

Thank You Jun Kang for your thoughtful chocolates! =)

Thank You Colin for your Ikiyu Massager. I've multi uses for that! Hee... =)

Thank You Sophia for your lovely Stick on pads. I like whats written on the back of it. "Thank you Teachers. You are our world of Inspirations"

Thank You Helen for bring me the chocolates from Scotland & Germany! Now, I cant bear to eat them! =)

And lastly, Thank You YOU! For sending me all the wishes thru Facebook, Msn, email, sms and wishing me A Happy Teachers Day! =)
Teachers give their all to nurture the kids & I believe most Teachers do not expect anything in return from the child expect seeing them grow & learn.

Yet, on this special day, you see how much you meant to your students. Isn't that rewarding enough? To be appreciated. =) Here's wishing all Teachers, A Happy Teacher's Day!

The journey of teaching is a tough & rough one. But if we give up, who's going to mould the future generation? Let's strive together! =)