Thursday, 27 August 2009

Anderson Pri School - Pri 2 kids

Teaching these kids were fun. Real fun.
For the past 8 lessons I had with them, we talked, we swam and we played. No one wants the last lesson to come. No one.
They were so full of zest, so full of energy, that it takes just 5mins of the whole group to wear me out. The usual noise coming from them even before I could see them, I knew they were coming. And everytime, without fail, they are forever so excited when they see me putting on my sunblock or even when I'm trying to get my wetsuit on.
To them, I'm like a penguin when I'm on my wetsuit.
To them, I'm not Teacher Jerry. I'm Jerry.
To them, I'm a friend who plays Facebook just like them.
To them, I'm a friend who can they can laugh at my Pet Society. And,
To them, I'm someone they can hold my hands and I will hold theirs.
I remember how some kids will tell their friend.
Student A: "Today u come join my class"
Student B: "Yeah!"
Student A: "Teacher Jerry, can my friend join us today?"
Me: "Hmmm... Cannot, Because, 1 class only can have 20 students, if she joins us, then we cannot have swimming class you know..."
Student A holds Student B hands and look into her eyes like Wall.E eyes and say. "Sorry"
I just feel so cruel when I ask them to sit on the wall and say this
"Children, today is our last swimming lesson" and they will go... "Awwwwwwww.... I dun wan..."

What am I suppose to reply? I dunnoe.
And what am i suppose to do when I see some of them crying? For the 1st time, I dunnoe what to say.
I know, I'm going to miss them.
Well, on a lighter note, See if you spot the difference between the 2 photos. Yup, thats right, the boy on the left posing is Felix. Hee... He's our Joker. =)

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