Thursday, 20 August 2009

About Jeremiah

Just came back from my volunteer work @ Clouds of Praise. Along the way back, I was talking to Jeremiah and his mummy. And as I was reading Michele blog, I just couldn't control my tears. Even now as I'm typing. This is Jeremiah and he's 3 years old this year. What's a 3 year old crawling on the floor instead of jumping or running around the place like any other kids, one would ask.

Jere is born with a birth defect known as Spina Bifida. There are 3 forms of spina bifida and Jere has the most sereve form known as Myelomeningocele. The 1st day I saw him @ Clouds of Praise, we get to know each other well as both our name sounds pretty similar.

So when michele calls "Jerry.." 2 heads will turn.. =) Even till today... hee...

What surprise me most abt Jere is that basically, he talks like an adult. During our 2nd encounter, he calls out my name 1st before I could recall his name. He shouted "Hello Kor Kor Jerry!" in such a sweet cheerful and joyful manner.

When Michele says Jere loves swimming but couldn't find a right schedule for him and his kor kor Nat, I said, Ok! Let's have swimming class den! And together with Gwen, I'm having classes for these 3 kids. =)

Jere had been using a round float to get him around the water since small and during our 1st lesson, I took that away from him. Of course this boy cried for Mummy! Hee.. Before our 2nd lesson began yesterday, he was still telling mummy, I dun want to blow bubbles.

But here's a shot by Michele on our 2nd lesson.

He's now able to operate his "aeroplane" with his bubbles! Isn't he such a brave boy!? He does look like a pilot over here dun u think so?
And this morning, when we saw each other @ Clouds of praise, he was still so proud of his aeroplane yesterday that he sat up and show us his plane
Although I know Jere for less than 2 months, But this fine boy has already got me reflecting on alot of things in life. Life might not always go the way we want things to be. But with a strong will, one will be able to overcome even the hardest obstacles in life.

Alot of times, we take things for granted. For example, being able to jog, to run or even to swim seems like such an easy task to most of us. But to Jere, that's a wish. A wish he long for.

Children, if you are reading this now and you still want to complaint that swimming is boring or for some (you know who you are), who just quit from swimming without even the courtesy to tell me and you just disappear. Take a moment and think about how lucky you are.

I extacted this post from Michele Blog. The post that send my tears rolling down...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
I want to say something....
Jere said the above as we were praying the closing prayer after our therapy program.

Every Wednesday, I take Jere to Clouds of Praise to have some exercise, in other words, therapy. We usually start and end the session with a prayer and a song of praise.

This time, after the session when we were saying the closing prayer and everyone said their bit, Jere went....


Marcus korkor who was beside him heard him and said it out so his mum Cassey went, "Yes, Jere you wanna say something?"


My eyes welled up and rolled down uncontrollably. I always get emotional when Jere speaks like that.

Lord, you hear the cry of the child Lord. Jere has asked, Lord. Let Jere receive, Lord. RESTORE JERE LORD. HEAR THE MOTHER'S CRY NOW LORD. Thank you Lord. AMEN!
I believe Jere, you will get to walk, run, jump, hop & swim 1 day. I really believe miracles will happen to you Jere. I believe.

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