Monday, 6 July 2009

What Makes A Good Teacher?

I was blog surfing when I came across one of my NIE friends blog. In it, she asked. What makes a good teacher?

First and foremost, I want to think that I'm a good teacher. I might not be the best teacher u have ever met, but at least I'm trying to be. =) To me,
A good teacher is someone who not only teaches, he shares his life experiences.
A good teacher is not a scary and unapproachable person, he's always there waiting for u.
A good teacher never gives up on you no matter how hard it takes to teach you.
A good teacher goes that extra mile that no one else wants to go thru.
A good teacher places his students on the top of his priority lists.
A good teacher protects his students as thought they are like his own children.
A good teacher never grumbles nor complaints.
A good teacher is a cheerleader. He motivates you.
A good teacher is an astronomer. He notices the minor changes in your performance and emotions.
A good teacher is a keen observer. He's able to pick up the minor details of a mistake and corrects it.
A good teacher is a forgiver. He forgives and forgets.
A good teacher is a joker. He cracks silly jokes and turn himself into a clown so that you can have a good laugh and lifts up your spirit.
A good teacher is a leader. He leads the whole class towards a great goal.
A good teacher has his doors ever open for you should you have need help.
A good teacher is like a parrot. He keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating till you understand.
A good teacher will be the happiest person you will ever come across when you perform your best and break thru that barrier of yours.
A good teacher will be the saddest person when you gave up while he's still fighting on.
A good teacher will cry with you and yet at the same time, laugh together with you.
A good teacher is someone you will remember for life.
A good teacher is more than a friend. He's a fatherly/ motherly figure.
A good teacher brings out your best potential in you.
A good teacher devotes all his time to you and keep on researching in his field.
A good teacher simplifies the most difficult things into things that seems so easy to you.
A good teacher has gone thru failures before, so he could tell you where the pitfalls are.
A good teacher is a role model because he knows, what he does or say, you will learn.
A good teacher is a good planner. He plans your route as far as he can possibly see.
A good teacher is a great story teller. He tells you the world's most fascinating, exciting and motivating stories you've never heard b4 and you wished he could just stayed on a little longer.
A good teacher is someone whom you'll missed. Not just his image, but his voice and his smile.
A good teacher is a copy of more great teachers! He's been taught by some of the world's best teachers.

And last but not least,
A good teacher remains a good teacher always in your heart.
After reading these 30 sentences, do you miss any of your teachers? I do. I miss my 2 teachers. Miss Tong and Jack Lee... =)

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