Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I got praised!

Last Sunday, for the very 1st time, I was coaching side by side with my coach - Jack Lee. The feeling was pressurised and stressful.

After coaching for so many years, I should be feeling more than confident with my coaching style but somehow, under the watchful eyes of coach Jack, I was still frightened. I was so scared that he might just scold me and say "What kind of swimming is that!?"

He is super duper particular about stroking and the fundamentals of every stroke. Like me, we believe that once the fundamentals and basics of that stroke is not strong, no matter how fast the child can swim, the stroke is never going to be perfect.

And his eyes are like those of an eagle, by 1 glance he knows who are my students. And by 1 look, he could tell if the child is going to be a good swimmer.

I somehow knew he was going to give me comments. I mean, he's my coach. Even if he doesn't give me comments, I will still ask him if my teaching was good.

So while standing side by side with him, he turned ard and said these to me in Chinese “佳毅,真不愧是我的学生。你教出来的学生很好。你真的是一个好教练。你看!他们的脚踢的很好!好啊!我很开心看到我的孙学生游的那么好!” Translate to English: "Jerry, u are really my student! The students u taught out are really good. You are such a good coach. See! Look @ their breast stroke kicking. Very good. Good! I'm very happy to see my "grand students" swimming so well."

For some reason, that short sentence was such a big motivation to me and I felt so good to hear him praising me! =) Thank you coach!

And how could the "grand kids" not meet their "grand master"? Hee... The lucky few kids got a chance to meet up face to face with their grand master. Hee, they were cheeky tot, not as frighten as their Teacher Jerry. =p


Catherine said...

ai ya, my Kai Heng missed this chance to meet the “师公“...haha

Jerry Toh said...

haha... dun worry. got chance one... next sunday i intro him! =)