Friday, 31 July 2009

Win 2 free swimming class!

The Water Family is 2 years old!

In celebration, I decided to give 12 lucky students 2 sessions of free swimming class worth $25!!From now till 31st August 2009, all you need to do is to email me ( the following:
1. The number of children coming for the class
2. Your comments on

12 lucky winners (children) will get a chance to enjoy 2 free swimming class with Teacher Jerry! =)

Here are the details.
Location: Seng Kang Swimming Complex
Time: 8am - 9am
Date: 5 & 12 Sep 2009

Location: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Time: 11am - 12noon
Date: 6 & 13 Sep 2009

Good Luck! =)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I got praised!

Last Sunday, for the very 1st time, I was coaching side by side with my coach - Jack Lee. The feeling was pressurised and stressful.

After coaching for so many years, I should be feeling more than confident with my coaching style but somehow, under the watchful eyes of coach Jack, I was still frightened. I was so scared that he might just scold me and say "What kind of swimming is that!?"

He is super duper particular about stroking and the fundamentals of every stroke. Like me, we believe that once the fundamentals and basics of that stroke is not strong, no matter how fast the child can swim, the stroke is never going to be perfect.

And his eyes are like those of an eagle, by 1 glance he knows who are my students. And by 1 look, he could tell if the child is going to be a good swimmer.

I somehow knew he was going to give me comments. I mean, he's my coach. Even if he doesn't give me comments, I will still ask him if my teaching was good.

So while standing side by side with him, he turned ard and said these to me in Chinese “佳毅,真不愧是我的学生。你教出来的学生很好。你真的是一个好教练。你看!他们的脚踢的很好!好啊!我很开心看到我的孙学生游的那么好!” Translate to English: "Jerry, u are really my student! The students u taught out are really good. You are such a good coach. See! Look @ their breast stroke kicking. Very good. Good! I'm very happy to see my "grand students" swimming so well."

For some reason, that short sentence was such a big motivation to me and I felt so good to hear him praising me! =) Thank you coach!

And how could the "grand kids" not meet their "grand master"? Hee... The lucky few kids got a chance to meet up face to face with their grand master. Hee, they were cheeky tot, not as frighten as their Teacher Jerry. =p

Friday, 24 July 2009

Some dates to remember (updated)

Dear Parents & Students,

Here are some of the dates that we will not be having swimming lessons. You might want to take note. Thank You! =)

24th (Fri) - Army call up. Make up lessons will be made on 31st July
30th (Thurs) - No Lessons due to 5th week
1st Aug (Sat) - My Best Friend Wedding. Lessons will be made up on 29th Aug
9th Aug (Sun) - National Day. Lesson will be made up on 30th Aug

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Happy 25th Birthday! =)

Woah.. I'm already 25 as of today.. Time really flies... As I was watching my kids swim, it feels as thought I was just like them a few years ago. Lolx..

Remember my post earlier on my 2 teachers? I never got the chance to express my gratitude to them and tell them how grateful I am to them. Along my journey thru this quarter of a century, there were lots of teachers that appear on my path and without this teachers, I might not be who I am today.

I thank all these teachers who have once came into my life. The list will go on and on and on. But without Miss Tong and Jack Lee, I would never have know what's a good teacher like and how to handle difficult students. =)

So, on this special day, I would really like to thank my 2 special teachers who have made my life so special.

Miss Mary Tong

I came from a neighbourhood school called Peixin Primary School (Now, its called Yishun Pri). I had 6 great years of memories in that school but the best memories must have been in 1995 and 1996 when I got into the 2nd best class of the whole cohort.

And that's where I met Miss Mary Tong( Now known as Mrs Chen) =p for the 1st time. Memories of her is full of love and gratitude. She's the 1st teacher in my life that really "walks into the heart of the student". Thought she's always so fierce with the whole class, we would still bully her by calling her "giraffe". =p

From her, I learnt that teaching takes passion and commitment. My English was never good since Pri 1. Right up till Pri 5, never have I had a teacher asking me to stay back so she could revise my English spelling with me. She's the 1st one.

I remember staying back in school once with her and a few other friends till 5pm in school just to finish up on 8 spelling words. =D Nobody likes to stay back after class. Therefore, during that time, I was really angry and annoyed. "Why must I stay back when my friends are out there playing soccer?" I would ask..

During that time, my whole class(boys & a few girls) were so crazy over void deck soccer. We would play almost everyday after school even till the eve of our PSLE, till the residents complaint, police come catching us and sending a complaint to the school.

That was how naughty we were. Scoldings were inevitable from Miss Tong and that was the 1st time I saw her drop tears. I guess, we were really naughty students. And that's how I learn how to dealt with kids who misbehave in my class today.

She's the Teacher that believes in teaching thru an iron rod and yet at the same time giving the kids a positive rewards. When we scored well in our PSLE, she treated us to Swensen! =)

She might not be remembering these events, but as a student, what a teacher once said to you and do to you, You will remember it for life. She also gave each of us a quote before our PSLE which I will carry it for the rest of my life.

For mine, it was "If there's a will, there's a way."

Jack Lee

The 2nd teacher I wanna thank is my swimming coach. Jack Lee. Mummy wanted me to learn swimming because I was overweight at that time. So, I was forced to go swimming and learn taekwondo.

To be very honest, I didnt liked swimming in the beginning. Reason was simple, I was always swimming the last in class and that does not help when you have a really fierce coach who you will be so afraid of. But as I trained harder and grew up, I began to realised that he's really trying to bring out the potential in me. And I began to see him as a fatherly figure.

And he saw the very fact that I have a potential in Breaststroke and he trained me to be a breast stroker. And when I showed potential in my Back Stroke, He trained me into an Individual medley swimmer.

Without him, I would never be able to swim such nice strokes.
Without him, I would never be able to win a silver in breaststroke competition.
Without him, I would never be able to know what it's like to have high expectations of your students.
Without him, I would never be able to know what's the difference between a good coach and a bad coach.
Without him, I would never become who I am today.

Jack Lee, my mum call him Ah Lee, my friends call him Uncle Jack, I call him 教练. Till today, whenever I see him in the pool, I still call him 教练. For the very reason, I respect this man alot. He still cares alot about me I know.

Not only does he sets high standard for me, he also set high standards for my students too. If he saw my kids not doing the stroke correctly, he will tell me. But if the child is doing a great breaststroke kid, he will praise me too! =)

Till date, I still think he's the best swimming coach anyone can ask for. And I'm so lucky to have him.

I guess that's what they call, “一日为师,终身为父" (Even if someone is your teacher for only a day, you should regard him like your father for the rest of your life.)

On this special day, I want to thank my 2 teachers for teaching me how to be a teacher, sharing their experiences with me whenever I asked them on teaching and last but not least for transforming a simple neighbourhood boy into such a lovely, adorable and cute Teacher Jerry. =D

Monday, 6 July 2009

What Makes A Good Teacher?

I was blog surfing when I came across one of my NIE friends blog. In it, she asked. What makes a good teacher?

First and foremost, I want to think that I'm a good teacher. I might not be the best teacher u have ever met, but at least I'm trying to be. =) To me,
A good teacher is someone who not only teaches, he shares his life experiences.
A good teacher is not a scary and unapproachable person, he's always there waiting for u.
A good teacher never gives up on you no matter how hard it takes to teach you.
A good teacher goes that extra mile that no one else wants to go thru.
A good teacher places his students on the top of his priority lists.
A good teacher protects his students as thought they are like his own children.
A good teacher never grumbles nor complaints.
A good teacher is a cheerleader. He motivates you.
A good teacher is an astronomer. He notices the minor changes in your performance and emotions.
A good teacher is a keen observer. He's able to pick up the minor details of a mistake and corrects it.
A good teacher is a forgiver. He forgives and forgets.
A good teacher is a joker. He cracks silly jokes and turn himself into a clown so that you can have a good laugh and lifts up your spirit.
A good teacher is a leader. He leads the whole class towards a great goal.
A good teacher has his doors ever open for you should you have need help.
A good teacher is like a parrot. He keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating till you understand.
A good teacher will be the happiest person you will ever come across when you perform your best and break thru that barrier of yours.
A good teacher will be the saddest person when you gave up while he's still fighting on.
A good teacher will cry with you and yet at the same time, laugh together with you.
A good teacher is someone you will remember for life.
A good teacher is more than a friend. He's a fatherly/ motherly figure.
A good teacher brings out your best potential in you.
A good teacher devotes all his time to you and keep on researching in his field.
A good teacher simplifies the most difficult things into things that seems so easy to you.
A good teacher has gone thru failures before, so he could tell you where the pitfalls are.
A good teacher is a role model because he knows, what he does or say, you will learn.
A good teacher is a good planner. He plans your route as far as he can possibly see.
A good teacher is a great story teller. He tells you the world's most fascinating, exciting and motivating stories you've never heard b4 and you wished he could just stayed on a little longer.
A good teacher is someone whom you'll missed. Not just his image, but his voice and his smile.
A good teacher is a copy of more great teachers! He's been taught by some of the world's best teachers.

And last but not least,
A good teacher remains a good teacher always in your heart.
After reading these 30 sentences, do you miss any of your teachers? I do. I miss my 2 teachers. Miss Tong and Jack Lee... =)