Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The words kids say....

I love teaching kids because they say words that are so ever cute and innocent that you just cant help laughing....

#1 (The latest recently from my kids)
Student A: "Teacher Jerry... U are so dark."
Student B: "Yaya.. U are like Batman!"
#2 (The heartwarming)
Teacher Jerry: "You must be a good boy and practise your swimming ok!"
Student: "Why?"
Teacher Jerry: "Well, if you practice, then you can learn to swim faster!"
Student:"But I dun wan. Once I know how to swim. Mummy will not let me take lesson from you anymore.."

#3 (The ever classic one...)
Teacher Jerry: "Ok! You must use ur nose to blow your bubbles ok!?"
Student: "But I got a running nose... I cannot blow.."


Catherine said...

haha...these kids are so so cute.

Jerry Toh said...

haha.. ya.. they are.. I love them. =)