Monday, 22 June 2009

The boy and the Starfish

A man was walking along a deserted beach in the early morning.

As he walked he could see a young boy in the distance, as he drew nearer he noticed that the boy kept bending down, picking something up and throwing it into the water.

Time and again he kept hurling things into the ocean.

As the man approached even closer, he was able to see that the boy was picking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach and, one at a time he was throwing them back into the water.

He approached the boy and asked him why he spent so much energy doing what seemed to be a waste of time.

The boy replied, "If these starfish are left out here like this they will bake in the sun, and by this afternoon they will all be dead."

"But", said the man, "You can't possibly save them all, there are thousands on this beach, and this must be happening on hundreds of beaches along the coast. You can't possibly make a difference."

The boy then held up the starfish he had in his hand and replied, "It's sure going to make a lot of difference to this one!"

Similarly, I might not be able to teach the whole world how to swim, in particularly prevent drowning from happening.

But if 1 day, just 1 student could prevent himself/herself from drowning because Teacher Jerry taught him/her how to swim, then, all my efforts are worth it. Because, I make a difference to 1 life.


Tianyun said...

lovely thought! Everyone can make a difference, and all together we can change the world!

Jerry Toh said...

Yupz. Jiayou! =)