Monday, 25 May 2009

3rd drowning case in a week

Last Tuesday, a 35-year old man drowned while fishing in a 5m-deep Jurong Lake.
3 days later, a canoe instructor of the same age drowned while coaching students at MacRitchie Reservoir.
Yesterday afternoon, a chinese national drowned in sea off Changi Beach.

Here's the report from The Straits Times by Teh Joo Lin.

A CHINESE national drowned in the sea off Changi Beach on Sunday afternoon in the third drowning incident here in a week.
Mr Lin Zhong, a 20-year-old who worked in a furnishings factory, was said to be with three colleagues in chest-deep water just off the shore when he went under.

It is unclear how much time elapsed before another co-worker discovered that Mr Lin, who could not swim, had disappeared. No one heard any cries for help.

The colleague, Mr Ang Lian Kwee, 64, said he was swimming towards the shore when he saw a head bobbing in the water. Soon after, it disappeared.

He raised the alarm, sparking a search mission by police boats, amphibious vehicles and rescue divers. The body was recovered six hours later after being spotted by a beach-goer just before nightfall.

Mr Ang told The Straits Times that he had taken the group of four Chinese workers to the beach - their first time there - yesterday around noon.

They stripped down to their swimming shorts and played in the water about 2m from the shore, while Mr Ang swam out farther.

At about 1pm, Mr Ang was about 35m out and facing the beach when he saw a head of black hair drifting away.

He jerked his head towards the group and realised there were only three men - who were taking photos - near the shore.

He quickly swam towards Mr Lin, but his head vanished when he was 3m or 4m away. 'I swam there and groped and kicked everywhere but I couldn't feel him anywhere in the water,' he said in Mandarin. Mr Ang screamed at his colleagues and beach-goers for help.

P/s: Drowning can be happened at any place, any time, anywhere. Wherever you are, PLEASE, take good care of yourself.

It's painful to lose a love one thru drowning... Simply too painful.. I have lost 2.

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