Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yet another stopwatch STOLEN

My 2nd stopwatch that has got stolen in the pool. The 1st one was in June 2007. 2 years later, my Casio Stop watch gets stolen again.

Am I angry? You bet. I'm Furious, I'm Mad, I'm Fuming, I'm Annoyed & I'm Disgusted.

I'm Furious because this is the 2nd time I lost my stop watch
I'm Mad because I shouldn't have left my stopwatch leaving around
I'm Annoyed because there are thieves around you and yet you can do nothing about it.
I'm disgusted because all they took was less than 1 min to steal my stop watch

And I don't understand. Why is it that my stopwatch always gets stolen just before the day my students are going for their test!?

As of my 1st stopwatch, I know the chances of getting it back is super slim. But hey to Mr.Thief. Yes. You. If you are reading this. I just wanna tell u. I'm disguised by your actions but I've gotta over my anger.

Teacher Rae says you might be so poor that you cant afford a watch. So yeah, I hope you really will put my stopwatch into good use.

This post shall serves as a reminder to all that during this recession time, you should watch over your valuables more. Especially in public places. You never know who's eyeing your stuff. So boys and girls, Be Vigilant with your belongings in the swimming pool.

For now, I will just stick to my good old Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch. Cheers

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