Tuesday, 28 April 2009

We are going to Taiwan....

A gentle reminder to everyone once again in case you forget...

There will be no lesson from 28th April 09 (Today) till 3rd May 09(Sunday) as we are travelling to Taiwan.

So, we will see you from 4th May 09! =D

Well, we know you are going to miss us... So, we placed some posters on some Bus stations... Go find us! =D

We will be back on Sunday... See you then!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yet another stopwatch STOLEN

My 2nd stopwatch that has got stolen in the pool. The 1st one was in June 2007. 2 years later, my Casio Stop watch gets stolen again.

Am I angry? You bet. I'm Furious, I'm Mad, I'm Fuming, I'm Annoyed & I'm Disgusted.

I'm Furious because this is the 2nd time I lost my stop watch
I'm Mad because I shouldn't have left my stopwatch leaving around
I'm Annoyed because there are thieves around you and yet you can do nothing about it.
I'm disgusted because all they took was less than 1 min to steal my stop watch

And I don't understand. Why is it that my stopwatch always gets stolen just before the day my students are going for their test!?

As of my 1st stopwatch, I know the chances of getting it back is super slim. But hey to Mr.Thief. Yes. You. If you are reading this. I just wanna tell u. I'm disguised by your actions but I've gotta over my anger.

Teacher Rae says you might be so poor that you cant afford a watch. So yeah, I hope you really will put my stopwatch into good use.

This post shall serves as a reminder to all that during this recession time, you should watch over your valuables more. Especially in public places. You never know who's eyeing your stuff. So boys and girls, Be Vigilant with your belongings in the swimming pool.

For now, I will just stick to my good old Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch. Cheers

Friday, 24 April 2009

Nassa Bronze Test, 26 April 2009

Good Luck & all the best to all my children... =)

26 April 2009 (Sunday), 1 pm

Yi Ling
Jun Hua
Sin Siew
Jia Yun
Geng Yang
Yu Heng
Wei Ming
Jin Ying
Jun Liang
Kai Heng

Don't forget to report @ 12noon! =D

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Look out for cyclists!

Have been waking up @ 4.30am recently just so that I could bring my bicycle - Charcoal out for a morning ride everyday.

Its not that I dun wish to sleep. But most drivers on the roads are crazily crazy. For one, they dun give way to cyclist. I mean, cyclist are really vulnerable on the road. When a car that's driving at 100km/hr along the mandai road beside me, the whole bike will shake due to the wind force. That's how vulnerable cyclist are!

Therefore, to prevent my charcoal from meeting the heavy traffic, I gotta bring him out on the road by 5am and complete my bike training by 9am before going for classes.

Anyway, here's 2 test for you to take. Especially for car drivers.

Scientists call this "inattentive blindness". It happens because we have a limited ability to absorb and remember details when our brain is overloaded with information.

So, the next time when you are on the road. Please look out for cyclist and let them have the right of way! Well, it doesnt hurt to give 5 sec to cyclists to move off right?

Who knows, someday, somewhere, that someone you are honking at, maybe your love ones. So, Look out for Cyclists!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Batam Cable Ski Again =D

7 months ago, Teacher Rae & I went over to Batam to cable ski.
7 months later, We went back again! But this time with lots more people!

Hee... 11 of us went over to Batam for cable Ski and this time round, the combination was fantastic! A combination of coaches and student
The students with the 6 coaches. Can you spot them? =p

As you all know, I wasnt able to wakeboard on the last trip. So I gotta make sure I could make it this time round! =D And after hours of hard work, I'm finally able to wakeboard! Yeah...
What I have learn from this cable ski experience.... I feel that life is just like a round of cable skiing. You don't know what lies ahead of you. Surely you can plan what are the stuff you are going to do. But unexpected events are bound to happen.

The starting part of the cable ski is always the most exciting yet most frightening part. Cause you don't know weather you are going to make it or fall down. But 1 thing is for sure. You will only know the result after you give it a try.

If you don't, you will just be a spectator watching how people fall and swim back to the starting point again.

Everyone must and will fall @ the initial stage. It's just a matter of how many times you fall and how many times you are willing to swim back to the starting line again to retry. I fell for dunnoe how many thousand times before I could finally do it.

Alot of times, alot of people gave up after falling too many times because they started to have doubts in themselves whether they can make it or not.

For me, I believe you should keep that faith in and keep trying. Because, Anything Is Possible(*oops copyrighted from IronMan slogan =p)

And that's just the intial part. After you are able to stand on the surface of the water, there's still 1 round of long journey for you to endure thru. There were so many times where the hand just feel like giving up cause it was feeling so tired but isn't that how life is? It moulds you thru difficult times, it puts you thru hardship so that you would experience the fruits of your labour.

Surely, you can give up halfway, but the thought of going all the way back to the starting point makes me want to carry on that journey to complete my 1 round of cable ski. Strangely enough, after completing 1 round, you kind of "head home" and the cheers and encouragement from your family members and friends gave you the energy and boaster to go for 1 more round. Yeah~!

For now, I'm happy that I have experience how to wakeboard and I'm keeping my fingers cross that perhaps, the next time I go back, I can still remember~ =D