Friday, 27 March 2009

The importance of a Right choice

Had a great 14km run last night @ ECP with a long lost friend of mine. Thru out the run, we were inspiring each other with our little stories. I shared alot of thoughts with him on my passion for swimming and he gave me alot of positive thinking's and inspiration. Thanks Jason!

There came a topic where I told him about 1 new student that I had, who has been learning swimming for the past 1 and half year from a coach. Yet, this student is still learning to swim with a kick board @ the learning pool.

I was sharing with him how the parents came to me 'with tears' in the eyes asking me Why? Why for the past 1 and half year despite attending every swimming lesson, she dun see any progress in her child.

And yet, just 4 lessons with me, her son is swimming at the deep pool with freestyle.

I dun wanna comment about the previous coach neither do I want to "show off" here. I mean, I always say,
"Every individual child is unique and the learning method is different too. Some kids definitely learn faster while others take a longer time." But 1 and a half year @ learning pool with kick board, that's ridiculous.

I shared with Jason that, “人这一辈子最怕作出错的选择”. Translate to English, it means, In life, everyone is afraid of making the wrong choices.

I mean, who isn't? But, the most important thing is to learn from the mistake and dun make the same mistake again.

I might not be the best swimming teacher around but at least I know I'm trying to be the best coach for my students.

I might not be the best choice as a swimming coach but at least I know, I'm definitely not the wrong choice.

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