Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Congratulations Kids~ Well DOne!

Congratulations to all my kids for passing your Nassa Silver & Gold Test with flying colors! It was really flying colors. Well done!

There were a total 3 batches of students who took their Silver & Gold test. So, here they are... Starting from the latest group that pass with amazing results last sunday.

Starting from Left:(Jolyn, Colin, Jerry, Sheryl)

Did you notice their cap number? I didn't know that there was such a significant in it. Out of 1o candidates, my 3 kids came in top 3... =D So proud of them... Yeah~

Moments before their 3mins of 2 laps starts....

This is how my champion team looks like after completing their gold test. They dun look tired @ all!

And how can i forget to take individual shots with them!? hee... =D

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there's gonna be trillion of words in my photos. Hee.. Its fun seeing my students take their Silver & Gold test. The atmosphere is really different as compared to them taking their bronze test.
From Left: (Begarita, Satahi, Jerry, Joseph, Joel)

I told him to smile @ the camera and this is Joseph take #1!
And take #2... hee.
And the "Seniors" who are training to be competive swimmers... They are the most "zhai" group and taking their gold test was like a stroll in the park! Congratulations children!

From Left:(Andra, Quan Min, Jeremy, Venjamin, Jerry)

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