Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Adrenaline Rush is Back!

After missing out on last year Singapore Aviva Ironman 70.3 due to my National Callup, I am now seriously considering on Ironman Philippines 70.3 that's happening on 23 Aug 2009. It's a 5th week! Which means I will have time for this race!
Last date of registration is on July 31st, which means I will definately miss out on the early bird registration. But I got to make sure that this year round, the Nation doesn't need my service. Else, what happened last year might just happen again. I dun wanna withdraw from the race again.

From now till Aug, there's still about 5 more months left. Which means I got to train doubly harder which I'm proud to say I have been! I been starting to train @ 5.30am on Monday, Tuesday and today! Lolx. Great to have Facebook Voomaxer to keep track of my logs. =)

Yeah, the adrenaline rush to complete in Ironman 70.3 is back again. But for now, its time to save up money for the race (USD 200) and for a new bike. Yes, I need a tri bike for better performance. My current road bike is not giving me the performance I'm looking for.
So, if you are reading this post now and the sense of charity or sponsorship feeling is lingering around in your head, Please feel free to sponsor me! Your generoursity will be deeply appreciated! =D

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