Friday, 27 March 2009

The importance of a Right choice

Had a great 14km run last night @ ECP with a long lost friend of mine. Thru out the run, we were inspiring each other with our little stories. I shared alot of thoughts with him on my passion for swimming and he gave me alot of positive thinking's and inspiration. Thanks Jason!

There came a topic where I told him about 1 new student that I had, who has been learning swimming for the past 1 and half year from a coach. Yet, this student is still learning to swim with a kick board @ the learning pool.

I was sharing with him how the parents came to me 'with tears' in the eyes asking me Why? Why for the past 1 and half year despite attending every swimming lesson, she dun see any progress in her child.

And yet, just 4 lessons with me, her son is swimming at the deep pool with freestyle.

I dun wanna comment about the previous coach neither do I want to "show off" here. I mean, I always say,
"Every individual child is unique and the learning method is different too. Some kids definitely learn faster while others take a longer time." But 1 and a half year @ learning pool with kick board, that's ridiculous.

I shared with Jason that, “人这一辈子最怕作出错的选择”. Translate to English, it means, In life, everyone is afraid of making the wrong choices.

I mean, who isn't? But, the most important thing is to learn from the mistake and dun make the same mistake again.

I might not be the best swimming teacher around but at least I know I'm trying to be the best coach for my students.

I might not be the best choice as a swimming coach but at least I know, I'm definitely not the wrong choice.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Congratulations Kids~ Well DOne!

Congratulations to all my kids for passing your Nassa Silver & Gold Test with flying colors! It was really flying colors. Well done!

There were a total 3 batches of students who took their Silver & Gold test. So, here they are... Starting from the latest group that pass with amazing results last sunday.

Starting from Left:(Jolyn, Colin, Jerry, Sheryl)

Did you notice their cap number? I didn't know that there was such a significant in it. Out of 1o candidates, my 3 kids came in top 3... =D So proud of them... Yeah~

Moments before their 3mins of 2 laps starts....

This is how my champion team looks like after completing their gold test. They dun look tired @ all!

And how can i forget to take individual shots with them!? hee... =D

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there's gonna be trillion of words in my photos. Hee.. Its fun seeing my students take their Silver & Gold test. The atmosphere is really different as compared to them taking their bronze test.
From Left: (Begarita, Satahi, Jerry, Joseph, Joel)

I told him to smile @ the camera and this is Joseph take #1!
And take #2... hee.
And the "Seniors" who are training to be competive swimmers... They are the most "zhai" group and taking their gold test was like a stroll in the park! Congratulations children!

From Left:(Andra, Quan Min, Jeremy, Venjamin, Jerry)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Adrenaline Rush is Back!

After missing out on last year Singapore Aviva Ironman 70.3 due to my National Callup, I am now seriously considering on Ironman Philippines 70.3 that's happening on 23 Aug 2009. It's a 5th week! Which means I will have time for this race!
Last date of registration is on July 31st, which means I will definately miss out on the early bird registration. But I got to make sure that this year round, the Nation doesn't need my service. Else, what happened last year might just happen again. I dun wanna withdraw from the race again.

From now till Aug, there's still about 5 more months left. Which means I got to train doubly harder which I'm proud to say I have been! I been starting to train @ 5.30am on Monday, Tuesday and today! Lolx. Great to have Facebook Voomaxer to keep track of my logs. =)

Yeah, the adrenaline rush to complete in Ironman 70.3 is back again. But for now, its time to save up money for the race (USD 200) and for a new bike. Yes, I need a tri bike for better performance. My current road bike is not giving me the performance I'm looking for.
So, if you are reading this post now and the sense of charity or sponsorship feeling is lingering around in your head, Please feel free to sponsor me! Your generoursity will be deeply appreciated! =D

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Determined Parents Brave Monster Line for Swim Lessons

This is what happened in New York!

Determined Parents Brave Monster Line for Swim Lessons!

Surprisingly we don't see that in Singapore. But who knows, 1 day, There might be a long queue of students/parents queing up to take up swimming lessons from Teacher Jerry? Who knows... Nothing is Impossible. =D

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Megan the Froggie

Just realised that I have tons of events "unblogged". Was just browsing thru my lappy and I saw this video of Megan!

Megan Underwater Diving! Haha... I cant help bursting out to laughter when I saw this video. Till date, I have not seen any other students who's able to imitate a "froggie" as good as her.

I think Megan is a naturally froggie swimmer! Or is it her coach who teaches her that.... Hee... For now, let's call her Megan the Froggie! =p

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How is this possible?

How is this possible? Lightning on a sunny day? Heavy Rain on a sunny day? Thunder on a sunny day?

Been experiencing these kind of weird phenomenon for the past 3 days.. I seriously think the earth is sick. Let's use less plastic bags then! Do your bit to save the Earth!

Even our dear Merlion can get strike by lightning, let's just pray hard that this phenomenon will not last. =p Time to sing song... Rain Rain, Go Away...