Friday, 27 February 2009

Swimming Pool Store Value Cards - Savings!

I realised that quite alot of people do not realise that there's this "Store Value Card" by Singapore Sports Council. So, let Teacher Jerry teach you how to save money using this card when going to the swimming pool! =D
This Card basically works this way. Instead of buying your tickets thru the machine outside the swimming pool which cost $0.50 (Children) & $1 (Adults) on weekdays, $0.70(Children) & $1.30(Adults) on weekends, You can buy this "Store Value Card" both for adults and children @ $10 with a $2 refundable deposit.

The advantage of this card is that instead of paying the norm rate, you save $0.10 per entry. Alright, I know 10 cents might seems little but hey, in bad times like this, you actually save quite abit you know... Imagine, you have 2 kids entering the pool, you save 20cents just by using this card.

I always think it this way, for every 10 entries, you get 1 free entry! =) Best of all, this card can be used in all Singapore Sports Council Swimming Pools.

So, the next time when you drop by the pool, approach the counter to get your value card! =)

P.s: This entry is written out of goodwill to share some cost savings with all & is definitely not sponsored by the Singapore Sports Council. Hee...

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