Friday, 27 February 2009

Swimming Pool Store Value Cards - Savings!

I realised that quite alot of people do not realise that there's this "Store Value Card" by Singapore Sports Council. So, let Teacher Jerry teach you how to save money using this card when going to the swimming pool! =D
This Card basically works this way. Instead of buying your tickets thru the machine outside the swimming pool which cost $0.50 (Children) & $1 (Adults) on weekdays, $0.70(Children) & $1.30(Adults) on weekends, You can buy this "Store Value Card" both for adults and children @ $10 with a $2 refundable deposit.

The advantage of this card is that instead of paying the norm rate, you save $0.10 per entry. Alright, I know 10 cents might seems little but hey, in bad times like this, you actually save quite abit you know... Imagine, you have 2 kids entering the pool, you save 20cents just by using this card.

I always think it this way, for every 10 entries, you get 1 free entry! =) Best of all, this card can be used in all Singapore Sports Council Swimming Pools.

So, the next time when you drop by the pool, approach the counter to get your value card! =)

P.s: This entry is written out of goodwill to share some cost savings with all & is definitely not sponsored by the Singapore Sports Council. Hee...

Monday, 23 February 2009

Raffles Girls Pri Swimming Heats!

What a happening weekend!

1st is a good news that I would like to share with all. Proud moments!! Secondly will be the silver test that my 4 boys took on Sunday.

Last friday, Raffles Girls Primary School (RGPS) had their School Swimming Competition and 2 of my girls, Isabell and Tasneem took part in the breaststroke event. Guess what?! They came in 1st and 3rd respectively in the heats event!

Girls, am I so proud of the 2 of them! Tasneem came under my wings only in December while Isabell somewhere in october.

Both their win in the heats were totally unexpected from me as they are training only 1 hour, once a week with me as compared to others who are training 3 times a week to everyday!

Well done girls!

And Good Luck to your Finals!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Add me on facebook & MSN~!

As per requested by most... You are welcome to add me on both Facebook & MSN! Here's my email for both -

Althought I must admit, I'm still trying to figure out all the applications of Facebook. But I'm surely looking forward in you leaving a message for me on the wall! Hee...

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First and foremost, Happy valentine's Day to all Love birds and couples out there! Wishing each and everyone will enjoy this special moment with your love ones.

Myself, I will also be spending this lovely and romantic day with all my children! Hee... =D

Strangely enough, when one's single, it seems that alot of attached friends will come asking you for ideas on what to do on valentine day. Lolx... But, I have long lost what it feels like shopping or dating on weekends. =)

But, if you were to ask me, Everyday is a valentine day if u are enjoying the moment and company of that special someone.

If Teacher Jerry were to celebrate this day, I would most probably cook my “拿手好菜”(my speciality) - Spaghetti Carbonara for her with a fruit platter as desserts. I think cooking shows alot of sincerity in it.

And yes, Mummy is rushing me.... She's been hinting that she wants a grandchild...

Miss Tong was saying this to me the other day too "You should stop immersing yourself so much in the water and try to find a partner. It's time you settle down."

Well, 1 step @ a time at this moment. For now, its swimming and my kids 1st before anything else... =D

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Boy, 3, drowns in pond during family dinner

My deepest condolences to the family.


THE body of a three-year-old boy was found floating in a pond on Sunday night at Farmart Centre along Sungei Tengah Road.

Farmart Centre is a cluster of vegetable and animal farms near Kranji.

According to the staff-in-charge at the centre, the boy had slipped away during a family dinner and was discovered unconscious shortly after.

The police said they had received a call at 8.55pm, informing them that a boy had drowned in a pond.

He was taken to the National University Hospital and pronounced dead at 9.55pm.

According to staff, the two fish ponds were closed at the time but did not have any barricades.

Each pond is about 1.5 metres deep.

Said the staff-in-charge, who declined to give his name: 'Nobody knows what happened exactly.

'From what my staff know, he went missing while his parents were having dinner and his mother started shouting for him.

'A patron then spotted his body floating in the fish pond.'

The police have classified the incident as unnatural death.