Friday, 30 January 2009

The vain side of us...

The other day, I said this to my brother...

"Didi, let's go for a photo shoot!"

And we were so lucky that we actually got "sponsored" by Shirley from Tadsphoto! Therefore, all photos credits to her, and copyright of hers! =)

She specialised in taking babies photographs! Go visit her galleries at !

So, for parents who wish to take your babies portfolio, give her a call! She's good with babies and her skills are professional! You've seen her skills on our photos! Hee...
We took a total of 234 photos in a 2 hour shoot with her and yeah, there were lots of fun & laughter. So, now you know how vain your 2 swimming coaches are right? Hee... But, I still think Rae is more vain... Hee
Due to the amount of intense photos, I decided to place all the photos into an online album show, so do take a look! =)

This photo shoot also make me realised how good this brother of mine can pose! And some of his photos looks like a real model. *PS, there were no make ups on us! True colours. Hee* =)
Sponsors out there who are interested in engaging us as spokesman for your products or model, feel free to contact Rae @ 9389 3858 & Jerry @ 9100 1855. =p

For now, enjoy the slide show photos! =p

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