Thursday, 22 January 2009

The good things about us

My brother, Teacher Rae & me have never bad mouth others. Be it a thing, a person or an organisation.

When parents want to compare us with other swim coaches. We've never bad mouth our fellow competitors. Instead, we freely allow them to compare our good & bad.

When parents want to change from their current swimming instructors to us. Instead, we encouraged them to stay on with their current instructors.

When parents ask us why their kids are not progressing from their current coach. Instead, we bring out the good points of that coach.

We dun say the bad stuff about others. We will only say the good things about ourselves. So, whats the good things about us?

You have read the blog.
You have chatted with us.
You have attend our swimming lessons.
You have realised our good points haven't you? Hee...

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