Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Resolutions for 2009

1 more day and that will marks the end of 2008. And 2009 will quietly slips in without most of us knowing.

When I was at the age 18, Someone told me. "Jerry, when you reach the 20plus, time flies even before you realised it!" I never believed that till now. Next year, I be age 25! Time seems to fly so fast... Looking back at 2008, there's full of ups and downs.

And there are those wonderful memories I had in 2008 like my relief teaching in MayFlower Secondary, the filming for MediaCorp and My Children's Party! As I was looking back, I realised that I told myself to have a resolution in 2008 but I failed.

Now that this is the time for reflections, I shall start looking at the things I failed to do it before I regret it at an older age. 2008:

- I failed to make a resolution and stick to it.
- I missed 3 events. Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore, Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon, Taiwan ING Marathon.
- I missed my flight to Taipei (Not much ppl know abt it)
- I missed my connections with friends

But at the same time, I learned and growed. 2008 has taught me alot, Mostly from mistakes and failures.

And as I say goodbye to 2008, I shall welcome my exciting 2009! With some of the events already lined up.. And slowly, 1 by 1, it will be materialized. =D

For 2009, I only have 1 resolution.

I'm going to be the 1st Smile giver to anyone, be it a friend or a stranger. Yes, I know, it feels strange to say the 1st Hello to a stranger and to give that smile out. But I'm going to try.

So, here's my 1st smile to u! Whoever u r, a friend, a student, a parent, a silent reader, a foe or a stranger. I give u my smile.

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