Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Part 6 of 6 - The Appreciation

"The Best Party of the Year"
A simple thank you never seems to be enough when you are really thankful and grateful to the wonderful support you have doesnt it?

I just cant find the right words to say my thanks to all the parents. Other than Thank you, its still Thank You.

Thank You for all the support you gave to me and my brother - Rae.
Thank You for the attending the party despite it being a sunday.
Thank You for bringing the kids down to the party despite the far and ulu distance.
Thank You for readily say "YES. We will attend" when I invited you all for the party.
Thank You for helping out in the party in every little way.
Thank You for all the food you bring. The party couldn't have go on without them. =)
Thank You for calling me and asked if I was missing out any items.
Thank You for not minding the lack of chairs to sit on.
Thank You for telling the children "Listen to Teacher Jerry"
Thank You for staying on the party till really late even though its monday the next day.
Thank You for discussing with me the amount of food we should prepare.
Thank You for all the initiatives you took.
Thank You for bringing extra food.
Thank You for spending the time to buy the food.
Thank You for spending the time to cook for us.
Thank You for helping out with the washing of dishes.
Thank You for bringing your whole family to the party.
Thank You for entrusting your children with me.
Thank You for not minding me as a bad host.
Thank You for your understandings.
Thank You for your feedbacks.
Thank You for your presences.
Thank You for making the time and effort down even though you were not free.
Thank You for your silent support.

Last but not least, I thank each and everyone of you. I really Thank you with deep gratitude and appreciation for helping to make the party a huge success. =)

We did it! And Elaine says - "This is the Best Party of the Year."
(ok, if there's really such an award for it, we shall nominate for it! Hee.. And all of us shall share the prize money for another party! =D)

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