Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Ho Ho Ho!
These are the christmas presents Teacher Jerry receive this christmas... Thank you! =)

I have 2 boxes of chocolates, 1 pen, 1 cap, 1 mickey mouse towel,1 box of cookies and 1 Ferrero Rocher.

Among all these presents, there's 1 that touches me deep...

It's a handmake card by Zi Liang. On the cover, he wrote a simple Thank You. And inside the card, he says

"Dear Teacher Jerry, Thank You for your great effort! I am now a happy little froggie!" And he drew me some snowflakes and says "These are snowflakes I wish to see these in Singapore!"

He has been learning to swim for 2 years under a swim school which I will not mention here. Apprently, after 2 years, he cant even swim 50m(1 lap of the swimming pool)

So I was called in to help him.. (I sound like some SCDF here..) hee... Ok, anyway, after barely 4 lessons, he did a total of 15 laps. That's why he says "I'm now a happy little froggie!"

Notice how realistic he drew the cards? His blue swim suit =D

And signing off wishing everyone, A Merry Merry Chirstmas! Ho HO Ho! =p

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