Monday, 1 December 2008

2008 Children's Day Party!! (Part 1 - Synosis)

WOW! That's the word to describe this year party!

Hee... I have so much to blog about that I'm going to blog in 3 or more parts. So, as you read, take it as though you are watching a movie!

Part 1 is more like a synopsis where a general preview of how much fun we had there. =) And as we move along, there be more. Hee..

Before the show starts, let me say a BIG Thank You to everyone who were present yesterday. It might sound abit formal but I really appreciate each and everyone effort, time and presence over at our party. =)

This year party would not have been such a huge success if any 1 of you were not present. I have more people to thank in the last part also known as the "Credits part". Haha...

But the most important person to thank will be Mervin, our event photographer for the day. Without him, the beautiful memories will not be captured down. Below, are the shots he took for us.

So, sit back and enjoy the show... Hee... If you like his works, feel free to contact him @ 90296681 or e-mail:

More photos coming up in the next post... Stay tune... =D

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